Notify me of new comments via email. There are three animals eating the soul of a human: They send everyone’s out, now Hatice is alone with Hurrem. Mansour taking to Ibrahim that maybe the Sultane Hatice didn’t speak to Suleiman and he doesn’t know, since no news came. This site uses cookies. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Unless you can watch the Turkish version with Arab subtitles and then you have a full episode. Google Twitter Facebook Tumblr Pinterest. That is right the Vimeo channel has been removed recently since 2nd April, but you can watch all episodes up to 66 on Youtube as far as I know. Some asked of translated videos with English subtitles. Google Twitter Facebook Tumblr Pinterest. One of the site visitors gave me an update that in Mexico this series first season is being shown in Spanish dubbed Television.

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Harim El Soltan 3 All Episodes-Watch Arabic Turkish Series Online

You can contact him via Magnificent Century -Muhtesem Yuzyil. Accordingly I have updated this blogpost to show now a direct way to every episode of Magnificent century aka Muhtesem Yuzyil aka Hareem Al Sultan instead.

She approaches to Hurrem and asks her what she is doing? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: There are no episodes anymore published online.

Gulfam is still suspicious of Mahidevran. It might be natural blacking when changing the scenes, it might be related also to cut off advertising. That Sultan Suleiman has invited Captain Khedr to his throne and will appoint him Commander of the sea.

Ibrahim who wants to beat Iskandar Shalabi, is stopped by Mansour. Youtube has blocked worldwide the channel that was used to show the series by the copyright owners. You are commenting using your Twitter account. How many episodes is she on the show before she gets kicked out of the harrem? Mansour taking to Ibrahim that maybe the Sultane Hatice didn’t speak to Suleiman and he doesn’t know, since no news came.

Right now, the are no chances to find the series with complete subtitled episodes. Captain Khedr as a trustworthy member of the Ottoman Empire will do his utmost possible to expand the reign of the Ottoman Empire, thus is the belief of Sultan Suleiman. It is way too much work to make subtitles that I cannot handle at this point of time,of course my lack of experience in making such projects adds up, too. Hurrem tells her that the pain of the adultery has made her heart turn black, and her eyes like a witch that she understands.


Hurrem leaves and meets Sunbul Agha in the hallway, she tells him everyone conspired against her and that the room will stay empty.

Who can read that fast. At this time he will no longer be a constant threat to Hurrem. Email required Address never made public. She meets Gulfam Hatun on her way and informs her, but she is send away forcefully, not able to continue her way. Is there a place watch with subtitles move a lot slower.

Mohammed has received his new room in the palace, Mirimah also wants a room of her own and Hurrem tells her once she settled in the room of her mother in-law she gareem leave hers to Mirimah. The plan is to conquer Seasn and use it to broaden the Ottoman empire by installing a new country with an ambassador, which will xubbed it easier to go after Baghdad. Hurrem advances to Gulfam and requests her with which right does she forbid her coming to the room.

This site uses cookies. The ending scene is when Hatice hits Hurrem. This episode guide shall give an extensive summary that other online episode guides lack.

Hi, where can I find episode 2 in the first series with English subtitles? And will it continue in the later episodes too? He decides to leave her the full authority of the punishment of Ibrahim, either she goes forward for revenge or she forgives him. A woman is getting prepared for sason the private room of Suleiman, she is one of the ak Captain Khedr brought.


I am still behind some summary projects and it will take me much longer than i thought to make subtitles. Any luck finding another website? The orders given to Gulfam from Suleiman were clear, the room will stay empty until he orders otherwise. Like we know it with other American Series. Following TV channels are broadcasting the series in several languages after its successful ending.

The secret that you hide from me whatsoever it might be, doesn’t make you strong Ibrahim, it makes you a coward. Hatice continues that in case one of Hurrem’s son is destined for taking the Sultans seat one day, at that moment the room will belong to her.

In the evening Hatice in her palace finds a letter from Ibrahim.

Ottoman Empire continues its reign with Harrem Al Sultan – TV soap on Suleiman the Magnificient

Hatice inquiring about her try to flee, who was helping? Hatice informs him of wanting to divorce Ibrahim Pasha and asks him to grant her this plea.

In Manisa Mustafa firstborn son of Sultan Suleiman and Mahidevran holds his role as a high officer in military and administrative issues also known under the Ottoman title Sanjak-bey. Do you have other links? But in case you get to know,other sites you are welcome to share. But she will let Hurrem pay for it, taking revenge by making her live the same pain.

Hareem al sultan season 2 episode 1

If you wish to watch the rest of the episodes, please send an email to magnificentcenturyenglish gmail. You will find it there.

The old blog post showed how you can find your way through, but it was in arabic, there is no need for this anymore…. Once sezson shows there exclusively, then the series will be dubbed in Arabic.

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