Michelle Ardenne as Prioress. The idea that a bunch of Muslims would go out of their way to corrupt a Catholic girl is just too hard to swallow. The script’s central paradox – that dogmatic believers are the most adept at switching allegiance – is arresting. What ideas did you find frustrating trying to translate in a classroom that you felt might be more intuitively apprehensible in cinema? Bruno Dumont has crafted a compelling modern day fable about a self-possessed young woman who finds the unlikeliest of outlets in her quest for divinity. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Coincoin and the Extra-Humans

Celine begins hanging out with some working class North African Muslim men, empathizing with their religious devotion – and when she expresses her spiritual fervor in extreme terms, they start to consider her as a potential suicide bomber. Little is known of her life other than it’s been deduced that she came from wealthy stock and didn’t belong to a convent. Edit Did You Know? Dec 31, Rating: Familiar Dumont tropes and images are present: Dumont has a way of giving the lineaments of this ordinary waking world a jolt or a nudge: Dumont’s elliptical movie is as stiff as an over-starched wimple and rather tedious, but like earlier films of his it has something that sticks in the mind like the hook in a fish’s mouth.

The view of Paris from this point is one which would be the envy of the middle and upper classes residing in the city below. Unfortunately ‘Hadewijch’ is burdened with too many ponderously slow shots and silent passages that spoil the narrative dumlnt.

Yekaterina Golubeva, David Wissak. He begins his story with a young novice nun, Celine, being expelled from her convent for obsessive self-mortification. Already have an account?

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I think the characters in my other films were more mystical. The mind tells us that conflict is wrong, that we should try to avoid it, but the mind is quite stupid in that. Order by newest oldest recommendations. In recent times, French cinema has split into two distinct camps; lavish, beautifully shot tourist board movies set in the rolling hills of the wine valleys, and gritty pieces which utilise the grim urban landscape of the north.


I’m all for having a go at religion but when you target a minority faith it’s just plain bullying. Dumont exists somewhere in between, tackling ugly subject matter yet shooting it in a stunningly colourful fashion.

Bruno Dumont scenario and dumint. While she may be happy, her course of action is freaking out her superiors. Edit Did You Know? Has she finally journeyed closer to God or, irrevocably, away? Feb 16, Rating: Loading comments… Trouble loading? With Hadewijch, [Dumont] endorses something like the Dardenne brothers’ rugged, squalid secular humanism, offering the barrier-breaking embrace as vague alternative to Despair, Church, or Capital.

David Dewaele as David. Gene Tierney Remain in light: It is up to us to decide.

Skip to main content BFI – page title here for accessibility. Filmed in the tiny provincial hamlet hadwijch Bailleul, France, where Dumont grew up, this story of a listless gang of moped-riding teens has nothing at all to do with the Gospels: With Flandersanother Cannes Grand Prix winner inDumont returned to rural France to mount a story about the brutality of war, winning new converts to hadewijdh earthy, visceral, often disturbing vision of human existence.

I very much like filming beginnings, awakenings. Aug 23, Rating: Bruno Dumont eumont crafted a compelling modern day fable about a self-possessed young woman who finds the unlikeliest of outlets in her quest for divinity. Log in with Facebook. The film is named after a 13th-century female mystic.


Was this review helpful to you? I wonder if that remains a point of fascination for you. It helped me understand making films better. This being a Dumont film, the premise and its execution are to be taken very seriously, though not perhaps at face value.

Hadewijch – review

Brigitte Mayeux-Clerget as Mother Superior. In the same way, I chose an aspect ratio of 1: Young Adult Film review: Primary navigation March Lost and found: Here and in the considerably less naturalistic Hors SatanDumont has made two films that, while they provide ample food for discussion, nevertheless remain tantalisingly slippery; it would take a much longer analysis by a critic who was also a theologian to get to grips fully with Hadewijch.

Nov 3, Rating: Edit Cast Cast overview: By claiming to attack religion he has made the most lavish party political broadcast the French National Front could ever dream of.

The idea that a bunch of Muslims would go out of their way to corrupt a Catholic girl is just too hard to swallow. Her belief is so strong, she refuses to eat or wear weather appropriate clothing in order to become a martyr.

Celine’s story of spiritual longing and repentance might have been told more eloquently if the film had borrowed some of the conventional style of ‘Vision’ – a biographical account of another medieval female mystic, Hildegard von Bingen – just as that film in its turn could have hadewljch some of ‘Hadewijch’s’ intensity and imagination.

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