European farmers were able to grow more food to feed more people, who could then build bigger and more complex societies. Only at the very, very, very end of the tragedy, the litter started to move because there were no more carriers left. From the horse, you could stab down to the left, stab down to the right, you could cut, you could scythe, hacking all about you. It stretched along the length of the Andes, from modern-day Ecuador to central Chile, a distance of 2, miles. The written word could now spread quickly and accurately across Europe and Asia. Over time, crops and animals from the Fertile Crescent spread into North Africa and Europe, where they triggered an explosion of civilization. One day in November, , the New World and the Old World collided… Spaniards and Incas in battle, Spaniards moving on with captured Incas Jared on river in boat, in helicopter, studying old maps Voiceover:

Gunpowder had originally come from China, but its use as a weapon was pioneered by the Arabs. Spanish entering Inca camp and being taken to Ataxalpa. But the Inca never moved. Just as with guns, swords were the result of a long process of trial and error that began outside Europe. As a result, the worst epidemic diseases were also native to Eurasia and North Africa, and were then spread around the world with deadly effect. Why, because he was in the festivity, he was celebrating.

Jared studying maps Voiceover: How can geography explain the conquest of the world by guns, germs and steel?

How dare you, Indian dog! They are led by Captain De Soto. This is your power?

Guns Germs & Steel: The Show. Episode Two. Transcript | PBS

You think about what the qualities are that are needed in a sword. Ten to twelve days later, his friends would be taken ill, and then ten to twelve days after that, their friends. Pizarro sends out his priest to confront Ataxalpa.

The Spaniards realized he was more useful to them alive than dead. Man and Jared firing and loading guns.

Guns, Germs, and Steel: Episode 2 (Conquest)

The emphasis is on control and maneuverability, using bent knees to grip the sides of the horse, and only one hand on the reins. Man handling sword Jared Diamond: The Jacobus was still a crude weapon, but would go on to change the face of warfare. Of course the whole crowd listened to this and believed that this was the case.


Conquest – Episode Two: By contrast, Pizarro and his men were geographically blessed. The process that began at Cajamarca had reached its logical conclusion.

Guns, Germs, and Steel: Episode 2 (Conquest)

As they travel, they find evidence of a large native civilization. We kept walking the square, from where we could see the campfires of the Indian army. Tropics – Episode Three: But he makes a fateful decision; that his soldiers should not carry weapons. For more than years the Spaniards had been ansaers war, fighting against the Moors and other European armies.

But can this way of seeing the world shed light on the events of ? If I know they are not gods and I defeat the gods, then of course everybody will be with me. They could get in amongst men, they would trample men and they made the most excellent platform. Steam train, Slaves in chains, Guns being loaded and fired on people armed with peisode.

He spent much of his childhood here, working as a swineherd in the fields nearby. A steady flow of ships carrying treasure from the Americas helped Spain become one of the richest nations on earth.

The Incas were very skilled at growing potatoes and corn, but because of their geography, they could never be as productive as European farmers. Why would Ataxalpa unarm his own soldiers? He was allowed to re-establish his court in prison, as long as he ordered his people to accept Spanish rule.

I have the right to govern my people Subtitles: Conquistadors traveling, looking across valley to huge town and massed troops. Why was the balance of power so uneven between Old World and New? About two to three days into the illness, then the classic rash appears, and in its worst forms, this takes over the whole of the body with initially pimples and then enormous blisters until the whole of the skin, starting with the hands and the face and then spreading down to cover the rest of the body, is taken over by the smallpox blisters.


Pizzaro stel a party of his best horsemen into epusode heart worsheet the Inca camp.

Mike Loads, Historical Weapons Expert: He thought we were going to kill him, but we told him, no. After all, Pizarro started out as a rather ordinary person, and Trujillo here is a rather ordinary town. He was garrotted to death, in the same square where so many of his followers had been slaughtered eight months earlier. There was no natural immunity, and so therefore the number of people who could both contract the disease and then spread it, and the number of people to receive it once it had spread, was much higher.

Depiction of smallpox victims, Smallpox victim being nursed Jared in field looking at cows and sheep, Livestock in fields Voiceover: Inca messenger running to give news to Ataxalpa Voiceover: Ataxalpa coming into main square epispde troops.

Earth from space, with highlighted areas Voiceover: There was an arms race in Europe. Spanish coming into Inca city and workshwet Ataxalpa Voiceover: Ataxalpa receiving visit from Spanish priest.

Just imagine the scene in Cajamarca. Toledo had some of the best sword smiths in the world. From the horse, you could stab down to the left, stab down to the right, you could cut, you could scythe, hacking all about you.

Ataxalpa wanted the Spaniards to come to Cajamarca and enter into a trap, and to be sure that they would do so; he played like a psychological game with them, sending presents, asking them to come. There was nothing innately brilliant about Europeans themselves that allowed them to be the ones to make high quality swords.

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