In that world, there are things that does not exist in the real world. Romances and battles are what makes this series very delightful to watch. The underlying love between both characters and the moments where you cry. Kurozuka and Guilty Crown can both be confusing at times Kurozuka more so. Also in both series the girl has a split personality though in different ways and the boy matures into a cool-looking cloak. On both the main characters meet accidentally, and both revolve around a tragedy. A boy meets a mysterious girl who gives him super powers and both of them join or already have joined a rebellion fighting against ‘the system’.

Friendship is an integral part of the series where nothing is impossible if you work as a team. Although being a bit of a crybaby at first, both mc’s turn out to be pretty badass. Accel World add permalink. Both of these anime involve the main characters benefiting from games, however if you were watching Accel World and were getting tired of Haru being considered a great gamer, then try out this little gem. They both have an alternative reality to turn to in accel world the video game and in welcome to the nhk Satou has his apartment. The music is composed by the same person. Rushed pacing and weaker soundtracks; but the characters, plot especially closer to the end , and animation are similar. Are unbearable to watch at times.

Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku add permalink. Both series features a fantasy world where the main character ventures into with other people.

If you enjoyed KnK you’ll enjoy Guilty Crown.

I still love how every time he speaks, he increases his number, as in, “I haven’t fought on the world’s end stage in a while. The protagonist are denied yet are the ultimate cures to humanity’s extinction.

Both series centre around mysterious epidemics, government conspiracies, and ragtag groups of rebels trying to reveal the truth and take action against the controlling and harmful governments.


The Money of Soul and Possibility Control add permalink A great story, characters, and a very nice ending. TTGL is a lot more over the top, the drawing styles are no where near the same, and the story lines are slightly different Throughout wathcing both shows you get this same feeling. Along with the intensity of the series, there is also romance going around in both of the series.

Both of the main characters in these series are losers one a NEET and the other a fat chubby kit in middle school who gets bullied a lot. In one anime the game is a life or death situation, while the other has more to do with reaching the level If you love a future where Tokyo is destroyed by an explosion shrouded in conspiracy this anime is for you.

How is it that Gai seems to know everything?

The story’s epidemic of human crystallization is almost the same and the story line has extremely similar characters and plot. Most importantly both of these series will leave a deep impression by the end.

Guilty Crown #8: Camera Shy

Accel World has inklings of romance while Digimon Tamers vaguely hints this. In Guilty Crown the lead is mod edit a bit emotionally unstable and gets himself pulled into the rebellion of another man. First of all they are not the same because final fantasy is a movie the other one is a series. Both share a likeness in protagonist, of which each have a unique sense of justice compared to those surrounding them.

However if you liked it, then you are guarenteed to love Sword Art Online for the simple fact that its x better, it may be a little flawed however it doesnt take away from the beautiful art and immersive experience you get from episore it. I’m sorry, who were you again?


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Because it deals with subjects of immersion in Virtual Reality. The reason can’t get any more precise than that: Both protagonists are males who you’ll see first starts off as nothing but dirt, but guilyy starts to develop the strength and courage to become the hero they guilgy to be in the story.

Starring Yuno Gasai as Mana Ouma. An widespread infectious disease has spread in the country, turning whomever in contact with it into monsters. There is more action in Guilty Gui,ty than in Pandora Hearts, but Pandora Hearts has this amazing story that makes you care about the main characters.

To this day, I still vividly remember its opening theme song as well as its various other soul-chilling tunes. There is something wrong in the government. Good story, interesting characters and a protagonist outside of the usual.

Brotherhood guilgy Kimi no Na wa. Read recommendations by 4 more users. Sword Art Online add permalink The story line involves the idea that you enter a world that is a virtual reality. Highschool kids working together “most of the time” against the adult world.

The closer these individuals become the more we see how deep of a connection they share. Do you really have to do this? P Guilty crowns main character is a bit better than the fat short guy though. DR Both animes followed a weak school aged boy who becomes ‘stronger’ when he is thrown out of his comfort zone.

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