Park Tae Seo is contemplating on his mission when Kang Chi calls him. Lol at your hair comment! Although Emaan thinks that they are not saying it well, I think that I understand and “get” what you are saying Except for the moments when I feel like a child again, watching Terminator for the first time and then having nightmares. He runs, and out pops Wol-ryung. Probably because they thought that too many mystical beings running around would cause too much panic. Bashful Gon was frickin’ adorable.

There are some parts in recent episodes that are good WR and KC interaction, WR not completely evil, introduction of SH but then again had they not been introduced, the ongoing plotlines of the other characters couldn’t have sustained the drama. Your new complaints are always the same thing story sucks. He sensed something scary from the mountains. I really loved this ep. This was a good use of the repeated setup, like father like son, which works twofold to make us appreciate the happy version of the love story because we know how badly it turned out the first time , and also to get through to Wol-ryung and remind him that he once felt the same way. Yet it’s being done without losing his gumiho side.

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Remember when seong sneaked in to speak to YW when Gon distracted her maidservant, and he told her he had a message from Teacher old fogey for her the message he whispered to him before hopping to go find Master Dam? Wait, has he been knocked out all this time? Choi Jin Hyuk is really selling this role. That was my big disappointment in this episode, no reunion. As soon as he leaves, Yeo-wool steps out from around the corner and demands that Gon tell her the secret.

Who knows, maybe they’re going somewhere with that.


She says they just need time to accept him, and he suddenly leans in close: Story isn’t perfect doesn’t mean they can’t improve upon the existing one. Can you tell I like him?

I think his dad gave his mom some of his blood too? The main thing I think about the writing is that it’s been subtle. I could feel the intensity of her rage after she return-slapped that gisaeng. I came to destroy everything. But now that he has a support system in Yeo-wool and Tae-seo, the kitchen fogey, and even Gon I know!

Once Yeo-wool sneaks out, she heads back in to find… is that Sung dressed as Yeo-wool? It was an act of duty. What’s typical is your complaints every week. The makeover scene never gets old, does it? She can do cute all day long, the fake tears are her friends, but especially with the lame writing she will not be able to carry off a heavy scene, unless she is only required to stay very still and look mildly surprised.

It’s there in the story. In the meantime I would hope people can at least “calm down” and not fangasm over her everytime.

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And I love that teacher Gong is one of the few people who know KC well, well enough to know how to confuse him at times, hehehe He promises to get it all back. Kang-chi feels someone bkok him and darts away, leaving the other guy all alone…. We all have the right to criticize every little aspect of a drama, even if we do so in every post and are repetitive.

Sounds like a great episode. Which has such ugly implications I just And that says a lot, for a young actor. And who says that love has to be in clear black and white statement?

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I’m feeling the sad again, coz I think the SW is the only one that can stop WR and both of them will die in the process. To me the disturbing thing is that WolRyung wanted to become human because he loved his wife and wanted to be like her. In Gu Family incowebster, however, both leads present different alternatives of resilient females.


Episode was slow, not much better than yesterday’s. The actress who plays CJ certainly has the chops to play a conflicted villain. CJ has no class. He turns around, slips his bracelet off, and faces them with green eyes.

Why did she come back after 20 years?

MangoMagic June 4, at 7: People in that time also seem to be saying humans shouldn’t fall in love with half-beasts D The actress is awesome! I love that Wol-ryung is starting to show signs of humanity, or what tiny fragments are left.

She’ll be kissing like Yoon Eun Hye in no time Wol ryung looks hotter than ever. Dying in each others arms Yeah I also think this episode don’t really forward the plot to GFB so much maybe a partial closure? Yes, TS must not marry YW.

But I do think most commenters including KDaddict get that, even if they aren’t as careful with wording as they perhaps should be. But the same red lipstick on SW and CJ’s lips look like there are just hastily put on.

Don’t take it too personally that we can agree to disagree.

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