No no no no no! And I’ll be in charge of your feet! My brother puts hot sauce on everything. Round two is up. You got the stuff? I dunno, what do eggs do for fun? Would ya let her up?

This is what I do! Well, the finger happens to be the healthiest part of the pork. But someone put his tongue-drops in his eyes and that someone Is named Cat. Making his first appearance here at the CFC! Dice is our friend and he needs help. I will pyun on him!


I’ll be back tomorrow to watch you win the biggest fight of your life. So how was Phoenix? This is what I do! I mighta got some mouth juice on that.

Dice is our friend and he needs help. Why did I do it? Come on, I gotta leave town, and I won’t be back ’til just before his big fight. You and me we’re gonna be just fine. And here, have some Cotton Candy. I just I just can’t. Ah, suck on this crust.

Coming in with a problem. He gets lonely, and there’s this medicine he’s gotta take. And I’ll be in charge of your feet! Just go out there and take that guy!


He’s got the biggest fight of his life in, two hours! If I cancel the fight now, they’ll kick him out of the CFC and he’ll never fight again! Get gokmersitting off of me!

You lost, get outta here.

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Hey, when is Goomer’s next fight? You tell him when to duck or run away! All right, I got a plan! Because they probably killed all the people-waiters.

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Katie, Katie, Katie, please, please stop, no swiveling in the house! It’s okay, I got you!

Oh Goomer, are you feeling emotional? Dice’s email said Goomer is only allowed to eat healthy foods. A fighter can’t eat Cotton Candy in the middle of goomersittting fight! Why do they call it Bots? Oh, definitely a low blow. So what do I do with this one? What are you doing to my fighter?! I want ooh Some fried pork fingers.

He should be scared. Okay I don’t like to talk about this much, because it’s a little embarrassing, but I’m a hair model. No no no no no no, bad Goomer!


Will you onlie me some pizza? With big, stupid hair!

Sam and Cat (2013) s01e07 Episode Script

Hey I’m starting to see some light Come on! He’s fighting John Zakappa. Look, I took a pic of your knees. Previous Episode Next Episode.

They go on his tongue! Oh my gosh, that’s so inspirational. Anyway, Goomer’s been getting better and better, and I think he’s got a real shot at winning. I’m too frazzled to babysit anymore tonight. You can’t spell “champion” without cham And pyun. I don’t wanna go back out there. No fried pork fingers. It’s the opposite of fun. Something I bought online! That was a good wizzle.

Round two is up. I’m supposed to take my medicine. Get under the table!

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