Now the tables have turned. By Ray at December 08, 2 comments: She’s waiting with a surprise. But things have a habit of spiraling out of control. This is due to the two parts being shot at different times. When the other girl is single again and presents Marianne with a near irresistible temptation can she resist her desire any more? Maintaining this blog is almost like a full-time job and you’ve gone above and beyond in doing that so hats off to you for not letting it die!

J stays at a hot dog cart and gets back together with Skyler. But now she’s back. Why doesn’t anybody like me?!?! Warrior Princess – Rated: So even though she’s not alone since she’s in her own apartment this doesn’t count. Wizards of Waverly Place – Rated: I’m not entirely sure what the lesson is here.

Charlie Duncan Eric Allan Kramer But the fight is already lost before it has begun. Christmas on TV You probably could have done the main plot without the Christmas aspect, and the Secret Santa plot really should have been the main focus. In case you haven’t gotten the message, I’m a bit sick and tired of hearing this.

Gabrielle now discovers herself at a crossroad when the Conqueror, her lost friend, begins her march. Will she get the chance to fulfill anv fantasy?


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My Feet Hurt by patricia51 reviews Alice and Jill are scouting away from the other survivors. Rated M Avengers – Rated: It’s like they build it up so much and then it doesn’t happen. Vaguely related to “Wizardess and Witch” and unct the Game”. Making love on a blanket.

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Now she’s home alone while her friend performs in concert. I’m not done with the show forever, though. Juliet and Juliet by patricia51 reviews Miley still got assigned Oliver as a partner for the Shakespeare scene but family commitments make it impossible for him to rehearse.

I saw Sam and Melanie kiss by petewrites crossober is a Twinfection oneshot. I’m not buying it.

Swinging in a hammock. Who Dares to Love? I’m thankful for Girl Meets World too.

Sonny Munro has been looking for the opportunity to tease Tawni Hart to distraction like the blonde girl crosslver did to her. Tomorrow they will scatter to different places, times and dimensions. It will contain a lot fem-slash, therefore it’s rated M. Maintaining this blog is almost like a full-time job and you’ve gokd above and beyond in doing that so hats off to you for not letting it die! Where will his life lead him and who will he go with?


She meets the cause of her insomnia who leads her into a little world where it’s just the two of them.

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And Sara wants that almost as much as Lindsey does. This is strictly for fun. I don’t know if holiday episodes were ever really the show’s strong suit anyway.

Clubbing by patricia51 reviews Takes place one night after the events of “And the Image of Image”. Birds Of Prey – Rated: Start your free trial. Not exactly femslash but maybe kind of in a christmaw. NOT romance but perhaps the beginnings of friendship. Sequel to “You’re in My Head”. Uhhh Ross and Laura again why not Christmas Grade:

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