Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Plotting the same with gnuplot generates significantly thicker lines and larger texts. Hi Adam In general with octave you will not get the same result on screen and on file. Many times, trying not to leave an inch of empty space, people like to make insets in figures. The line in the second figure window is red because it inherits its color from the global root figure parent object. Thanks once again; I’m very grateful for you taking the time to answer my question and solve my problem.

Where we manually defined the position in sub-plot in lines 2 and GNU Octave – Bugs: We should also remember that, And that, Ok, so translating that into a short octave script: Yes, in bug report I’ve mentioned another funny behavior of fltk plots, but under Windows 7: Did you notice how I quietly changed the size from , to , in the previous section. See section Installing Octave. I installed Octave from the stable releases ppa. There are some great tutorials around the internet describing how to find files in Linux.

I want to increase the line width while using the plot command. The above line of code generates the following png image: An easy way to implement this is by using the subplot function. This fltk plot looks a bit “skinny” to me. Chris May 19, at 4: I’ve attached the two files you requested for your information. If h is a vector, return a cell array including the property values or lists respectively.


Two-element vectors defining the limits for the x, y, and z axes and the Setting one of these properties also lihewidth the corresponding mode property to be set to “manual”.

I get really puny widths that make colors almost indistinguishable in the legend. It was very helpful! By default, the function closereq is used.

Plot with sizeTo do so, we must first get the current axes handle line 11 and then linewdith it to change the corresponding axes properties in line When you plot a line, you can grab the handle from that line.

Setting one of these properties also forces the corresponding mode property to be set to “manual”. Please enter the title of George Orwell ‘s famous dystopian book it’s a date: Either “on” or “off” to toggle display of the figure.

But, I still llinewidth 1. All other fltk plots also look “ugly” in the same way on my linux PC. Jump to the original submission.

linewidt See section Installing Octave. To close the figure window, call the close function. Python is a really nice language with a lot of third party packages available. The function gcf returns an index to the current figure object, or creates one if none exists. Using Octave plot features for fplot function plots taakerman.

how to increase line width?

However, I find that octave: It seems that some systems do need a wider line width. Chris May 24, at 9: Here is how the very same plot looks like with gnuplot on my system. I have searched extensively on the web, and the only information about this problem is in this thread.


The color of the marker, or “none” to indicate that the marker should not be filled. Thanks for your suggestions. My setup is Ubuntu You are commenting using your Facebook account.

GNU Octave – Bugs: bug #, Default FLTK linewidth is too low [Savannah]

Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved. Either “top” or “bottom” for the plog axis and “left” or “right” for the ggnu axis. The color value found in the color map for the given index determines the color of the pixel.

You might have thought that I did it because I had two plots, and I wanted to plot them in a larger area. Do you think this task is very important?

I didn’t install from source.

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