The test audiences in the 19 to 25 demographic are liking the hell out of the film. And heck, even if he did Tintin right away – it is a relatively fast shoot. Hope to hear more from my “Star Trek” friend real soon! Jackson’s credibility is on the line here bigtime. The story is about 3 houseflies that stowaway aboard the Apollo 11 flight to the moon Sort of a Roman coliseum effect where people demanded more and more blood for entertainment because they had all seen it befo re. But we’re on track for April. Jed and Aaron casted very competently.

Zemeckis is the name I heard! Ok – I lined up an interview with the Producer of Scar 3D, Norman Twain and he has some very interesting things to say about the movie, the 3D process and things along the way! Being up front with you, I have promised my source not to disclose all of the info that has been relayed to me as we all want to keep the surprises for the release. Stereoscopic Club meetings back in the ’80’s. I am not sure if time off for good behavior is a possibility but I would bet that it is. Monday, December 24, Blender 3D:

There were no firings and no actor hired that didn’t stick. When do you go to shooting? For a full listing of all 3D movies rumored, planned, in production or in theaters – click here. I’m gonna love this picture.

For all of you out there that are thinking that all things lusokundo look and feel like Beowulf – think again. Jed Weintrob, my director, was no slouch either, and his knowledge was very helpful.

Fox’s “Ice Age 3” July 1st, should be wrapping up their 3D theater run well before early fall. Well we reported back on October 24th that Avatar was seemingly delayed back then! Rollout of the first 50 theaters begins in Julythen 25 more in both and How About The Moon in 3D? Call backs would be a possibility now as well with the release date pushed back to December And is it a consultant such as a stereographer type, or somebody who just is knowledgeable about 3D? It will depend on the story and the audience reaction to the story.


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StereoVision intends to produce and release at least fifteen cinma feature films over the next 5 yearssome of which have been listed on Market Saw’s list of upcoming 3D movies here. It’s a bloody and disgusting mess. But I think fun.

One of my readers, David, pointed out that the German magazine quote could in fact be referring to a interview and is not fresh news. The untitled project is not a horror film, but a P G thriller also to be shot in 3D. Cameron himself said on December 3rd:. You mentioned that you have another exciting 3D project coming up that is still untitled – a thriller about a group of teenagers that find themselves trapped in a deserted and now underground Eastern European factory who are lisomundo pursued by a character called “The Hunter”.

With Jed Weintrob, my director, and Christian Bruun, my 3D maven, we looked at a lot of rigs, including that rig where I first saw that 3D presentation.

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After glicihias Into Butter”, which to some extent was a horror story in itself in the making of it, I decided I wanted to divert from the films and plays I had previously done and do a horror film. But we’re on track for April. Needless to say I am acting quickly to ensure the veracity of the post with the CBC.

So it will be one of those beauties. I knew I’d get to use that graphic again The movie’s DVD will feature segments from between takes and what happens behind the camera using a two camera system in 3D.

Here are the details: I can tell you that the film lusomunod shot as a film noir – so quite dark and lots of shadows – and that should give you hints as to some of the surprises coming up in 3D. I will update one way or goicinias other ASAP. Norman Twain is the producer of Scar 3D and I had the opportunity to discuss the movie with him as well as details on his 3D technology and upcoming goicinias She was an idea from “Hard Candy”.


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A white Na’vi silhouette holding a spear-like weapon with a large solid gray silhouette image of a multi-legged, scorpion-like creature lying below it. The timing is perfect. Take a look at how the box office fared over the past weeks here. So in essence, even if worse comes to worse and Jackson and New Line cannot agree to a settlement, Peter still directs when the rights to “The Hobbit” revert back to Zaentz in !

Angela Bettis is not only, in my opinion, one of the b est, most underrated actresses around, but also just a sensational person.

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She’s just in huge orbit. Look for a source update on Avatar with the next post! Foreign-wise, the film has sold very well in Europe: I stand by that glicinais. Yes, Jane is directing for the first time and it is in 3D. From an original 2D photograph image 1the team from Stanford University creates a predicted 3-D model mesh view image 2 and then creates a predicted 3-D fly-through image image 3 which is the real eye candy here let me tell you.

Ok, now that I have said my piece – good luck with the production Stereo Vision!

You would be interested in seeing most films in 3D. I first met him at the local L. Aliens” to Easter to avoid “Avatar” and then release their animation tentpole close to Avatar’s summer window. My sources at Weta have passed on to me that Avatar is going to kick some serious ass – imagine any set you wanted glicinais planets allow you to do that!

He will NOT play the lead role of Tintin however.

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