Its theme, composed by Ennio Morricone and performed by Maurizio Graf , was a more traditional American western ballad compared to his previous work on Spaghetti Westerns and proved popular rising to number one on the Italian charts. There are appealing grain textures in the 2. Run, Man, Run The colors are rich and tight – often stunning. They discuss the films and the genre in great detail. Mann is a gunman informed by a childhood friend that his father was murdered years earlier by his mother and her lover. This is a very informative and interesting interview, thanks to Rayns’ wealth of knowledge of film history. Colonel as Paco Sanz Jose Halufi

Dolby Digital Audio English kbps 2. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The Return of Ringo Italian: The main character, loosely based on gunfighter Johnny Ringo , was portrayed as the antithesis of Leone’s Man with No Name character — talkative, well dressed, clean-shaven and preferring milk to whiskey. He is then arrested for manslaughter and locked up in the city jail where he awaits trial. One scene which was cut includes Ringo removing the bullet from Sancho’s shoulder.

Western Movies To See.

A Pistol for Ringo (1965) Giuliano Gemma, Fernando Sancho, Lorella De Luca. Spaghetti Western

Our protagonist infiltrates the gang, only to offer help to the ruthless bandit leader, played by Fernando Sancho The Big Gundownrlngo an even larger percentage…. Overall, this rinbo another impressive transfer from Arrow that looks superb in-motion – often breathtaking. Though sounding like a sequel, Return of Ringo has no connection to Pistolother rinyo the same actors many in completely different roles.

The booklets are also identical, but there are minor cosmetic differences on the disc labels and sleeve to do with differing copyright info and barcodes, and the US release guliano have BBFC logos.

It may not be as well known, or well regarded, as the most famous films in the genre, but it offers ample entertainment. The original Ringo films introduced another iconic hero to the spaghetti western; a clean-cut sharp shooter who was markedly different to Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name. In The Return Of Ringothe gunslinger, now a veteran of war, disguises himself as a Mexican in order to take revenge on outlaws who have stolen his property and taken his wife.


Skin tones are suitably warm and detail looks crisp in the many close-ups. Most interesting are the similar origins of Italian and Hong Kong cinema, with regards to their lack of television leading to a prosperous film industry.

He decides to go undercover disguised as a Mexican. In the English version, Major Clyde claims his grandfather used the pistol at the Battle of Waterloohowever in the original version he states the pistol was used at the Battle of Austerlitz. The sync pjstola obvious at times but acceptable for this sub-genre. Sancho Gang Member Francisco Sanz He manages to successfully join up with the gang, posing as a fellow outlaw on the run, however Ringo’s plans quickly become complicated as Sancho begins ordering the execution of hostages as well as the tension within the house as Delores, Sancho’s woman, encourages Major Clyde’s romantic feelings while one of Sancho’s men begins making advances towards Major Clyde’s rinog, Ruby.

Exciting, funny, tightly plotted, scored by Morricone, packed with cacti.

Pistola per Ringo, Una – The Spaghetti Western Database

Miss Ruby as Hally Hammond. The Filmgoers’ Guide to Spaghetti Westerns. In the exact center write, “Ringo. If You Meet Sartana It is the exact same package playable on both Continents.

March 26th – April 24th, 20 18 Transparent Blu-ray Case.

They discuss the films and the genre in great detail. The film opens as the films protagonist, a gunfighter known as “Angel Face” or Ringo, kills four men in a gunfight. Sartana is falsely accused of robbing a bank, and must find the real robbers and clear his name.

The two men have a great rapport and are extremely well informed. Arrow Video have created another stellar release with this double bill of classic Tessari Spaghetti-Westerns. A scruffy garbage boy becomes the pupil of a famed gunfighter, and the stage for confrontation is set when the gunman becomes unhinged and overruns the boy’s town through giuluano and corruption.


Run, Man, Gijliano The dual-layered disc has a decent bitrate for the two films running time. The Return of Ringo Italian: Day of Anger Views Read Edit View history. It is led off by an interview with actress and Tessari’s wife Lorella De Luca.

Ringo, detto Faccia d’Angelo, chiede il trenta per cento del bottino per la sua impresa, poi, arrivato alla fattoria, svela tutto a Sancho ottenendo il quaranta per cento del bottino per portare in salvo lui e i suoi compari Directed by Duccio Tessari Italy A Pistol for Ringo. Which means that no matter which package you buy, the discs will play in any Region A or B setup or Region 1 or 2 for DVD – and in the latter case the video standard is NTSC, to maximise compatibility.

To make matters worse, Mann’s sister, who is in love with his pietola, Learn more More Like This. Tessari had a deep love for playing within the confines of genre, the resulting films are some of the finest examples of the Italian Western. Quite simply, I was in a different costume and a different setting. The prolific, corpulent, robust character actor Fernando Sancho has a field day as bandit leader Sancho. Pray for Your Death Sergio explains how he perfected a continuous handheld camera shot, in a saloon fight, as well as other interesting techniques.

Pisrola HD transfer here is most likely the best these films will ever look in the digital format. Meanwhile, Major Clyde and his daughter Ruby are celebrating Christmas with several guests on their ranch.

Refreshingly different from what Sergio Leone had done the year before in A Fistful of DollarsDuccio Tessari’s own Italo-western helped launch the sub-genre into popularity and given that he even helped to write Leone’s film there’s little doubt that he played a key role in its formation.

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