January 26, , I saw that orb as an energy cord from an entity that took Nick up on his offer, but chose to grab energy from both Nick and Aaron. Nick had every reason to be concerned that Zak happened to be holding a machete at the time. Right away an assortment of disembodied sounds and voices were both heard and recorded. Even during the walk through I could hear the screams of the plague victims and mental hospital patients. The Italian tourism board prohibits visiting the island on paper and requires a lengthy application process, where you must obtain approval, before you can step your trembling foot onto the human ash-covered land.

Owe Taxes This Year? Riverside Plane Graveyard 20 Photos. Ghosts of Seasons Past 12 Pizza My Heart 20 Photos. When Ghost Adventures split up Nick went back to the chapel inside the hospital and an adjoining room. This avoids being overwhelmed by swarms of ghosts or the dead clamoring for help or just to be heard.

The demonic entity was of the common sort you find feeding off fear, death and pain.

Idaho State Reform School 20 Photos. Back when the bubonic plague ate up most of the world’s population, the Romans had a clever idea to keep the healthies separated from the sickos.

No one cares if you want to give yourself the willies; there are no boats that make regular stops at the island. Curse of the River Bend 30 Photos.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I think Zak caught part of this response with an EVP of an unexplained voice.

Poveglia Island

Zak confirmed he wanted to kill Aaron at that moment. Expedition Unknown 9pm 8c. The Washoe Club 13 Photos.

I saw a female patient who was about to be cut into as part of a medical experiment, sans painkiller or anesthesia. Secrets of the Underground 1pm 12c. Mysteries at the Museum 11am 10c.

Poveglia Island: Like Hell, But in Italy

Ripley’s Believe It or Not 11 Photos. Blessings, Lynne Lynne Olson can be contacted for private readings via email at: A mental hospital or plague dumping ground, let alone both combined on a small eposode was more than enough food for such a thing. In the end, it’s hard to say if this island is actually haunted but we can tell you that it’s percent better to be scared in Italy than it is stuffing fulll face with candy corn on your couch this Halloween.


But as with most things, for the right price about eurosyou can hire a dude to float you over there, no approval necessary. No need to bother the Doge with such a matter. Many of the ghosts were intelligent and swarmed the team. Aaron got a good look at a spider and freaked out about it. Events took a quick turn south when Zak was possessed by a dark entity. Tintic Mining District 14 Photos.

Poveglia Island Special Parts I & II | Lynne Sutherland Olson’s Paranormal Blog

Any ghost hunter can and I would suggest should set the intention nothing is allowed to follow them home from an investigation.

Hunt for the Yeti 7pm 6c. Apparently the guy he consults knows what he is doing. What worried me the most was that Zak felt it had followed him home, that whenever he spoke of demonic subjects strange things happened to him no matter his location. Zak discussed local rumors about a mental hospital doctor who tortured and killed his patients. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. With several hundred years of cruel death on its soil, stepping foot on Poveglia Island is a sure way to scare yourself stupid.

Zak implied that the doctors obscene and brutal treatment of his patients might have contributed to the doctors loss of sanity and subsequent suicide.

On their way out of the plague fields Zak noted the area was covered in tough, spiked plants that acted like natural barbed wire. He was beyond infuriated with being confined to the mental hospital until his death. Hunt for the Yeti 6pm 5c. This site uses cookies. Their episode on Poveglia, where the crew stranded themselves there for 24 hours, is full of perceived curses, apparitions, creepy music, weird energy, inexplicable equipment malfunctions, and off-the-charts ghost monitors.


A few things to consider when you ghost hunt. Next Episode Remington Arms. Also set ground rules. I should note I do not speak Italian, but the intent behind the words was enough for me to understand what was being said. Commander’s House 25 Photos. It was a little trippy. Expedition Unknown 3pm 2c. Getting There Photo by: Communities HuffPost Personal Videos.

January 25, The sheer layers of misery from the centuries of horrific events is staggering. I agree it seemed something had followed Zak home, but when I checked in with my guides to ask if anything else needed to be done I was told it was taken care of.

Zak confirmed there was water under the footbridge leading to the plague fields where the EVP was captured.

A static camera left in the room outside the chapel recorded a black mist curling down from the ceiling.

The final restless place of thousands of diseased, murderous and insane people, Poveglia is the convergence of everything we know about evil. Poveglia Island Special Reply 8 on: I was given a view of the entire area and not only was it crawling with both residual and intelligent ghosts, they were from different centuries.

Ghost Adventures S03E03 – Poveglia Island – video dailymotion

At this point the team split up. Secrets of the Underground 12pm 11c. These dudes used their best Italian to ask the ghosts pertinent questions like “are you a murderer?

Zak Gets Possessed at Poveglia

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