However, as Hades’ ship emerges from Kamishiro Mountain, Zora enlarges into a giant monster to keep Riseross from intercepting it. Bachuss explains to Hades that he can handle the Justisers on his own, staking his life on it. Each one is equipped with an In-Loader that allows them to generate a high-powered suit of armor that transforms them into a Justiriser. Ryuto is represented by Seiryuu. But when Kujo learns the truth, Adoroc decides to have the military kill off the Jusirizers and company as they escape their cell. All All 0 Dislike 0. Diglos firing beams, Diglos overpowers Ryuto.

Main attacks include Slash Claw where its claws can be used to attack the enemies and Howling Burst which is a wave burst released from its mouth to weaken the enemies. Afterward, Jinno learns that Drak was the one who killed Riser Planet’s princess, and kills him. Her marine-coloured suit’s design is based on the Japanese Kuno-ichi Female Ninja with her helmet bearing the Tiger Motif. Being a warrior himself, he easily overpowered the Justirisers himself in his initial introduction, attempting to offer Gant the chance to join his army. In this form, Riser Glen becomes the main pilot within Riseross’s cockpit. Genseishin Justirisers Episode 12 Aisha Rameez views. She falls in love with Shiniya.

He decided running away from them, making his college friends teasing about it.

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Video was deactivated by our moderator. This form and finisher is exactly the same one as the human-sized version, but scaled-up in magnitude and power as well as gaining the power to deflect attacks similar to that of Shirogane’s GenSeiShin “Ryuuto”.

Diglos firing beams, Diglos overpowers Ryuto. In battle, she can hold her justirise, as she is an excellent archer.

Please enter your Password for confirmation. Being a warrior himself, he easily overpowered the Justirisers himself in his initial introduction, attempting to offer Gant the chance to join his army. Upon learning of his son as one of the Justirisers, he offers his aid to the team.

The show aired 51 episodes between October 2, and Dpisode 24, Debuted in Episode 8 where Ken-Riser have problems dealing with a monster that excels in ranged combat, Riser Gant remembered the paper that he read from Mio about justirjser SeiShinJuus and realized that he can summon his own SeiShinJuu to match up with the enemy’s firepower. Articles containing Japanese-language text.

He does not take most things as seriously as he should, and it does not really change throughout the series. Notify user via Email. She also arms herself with various kinds of batons, clubs, and truncheons. He again tricks Adorocs later by shooting an unloaded pistol at Shirakawa’s body, forcing Adorocs to escape to no avail. Main attacks include Battle Shooter where its cannons fire Thunderbolt shots against enemies, 3-round missiles called Turtle Missiles from its front legs and Turtle Thunder which lightning bolts are fired from its shell.


The Riser Sabers are used to perform two of its finishers: But before he died, Danhauser managed to give Jinno the truth behind his full potential yet to be revealed but unable to tell him of his true nature. He later investigates, and tests Shirakawa, his superior, by asking about his daughter, while implying that she was a boy by a form of address. Using the InLoader, Shinya transforms into Riser Gant, the Justiriser that is formed in combination with his ‘Wisdom’ and uses the power of it.

The “Gant Slugger” can be powered-up to become the “Gant Buster” which activates two additional barrels at the centre of the weapon as well as the Target Anchor that locks onto the enemy, allowing Gant to perform this form’s finisher “Varsus Cannon” that shoots out powerful lightning bolts from all its barrels to pulverize his enemy, while another of Gant’s finisher “Thrust Shoot” can be performed with the “Gant Rifle” mode.

After being saved by Danhauser, he manages to regain his ability to become Demon Knight at the cost of Danhauser being fatally wounded when he took an attack meant for Demon Knight.

Video is violating privacy. Though normally in Earth’s orbit, the Shadestar enters Earth when Ryuto is invoked, during Daruga’s attack on Riseross and the SeiShinJuu, and finally fighting Kurogane before it is destroyed.

Report Detail Video contains prohibited content. It was only after Shouta saved him from Hades and then the appearance of Mira that Demon Knight’s true nature is revealed, eventually joining the Justirisers as an ally against the Daruga Army. He worries a lot for her safety, sacrificing his Justi-power to save Yuka’s life when Zora fatally wounded her. Abusing this feature is also a violation of the Community Guidelines, so don’t do it. He does not believe in just fighting to protect humanity, and questions why they were given the power, and what for.

But when confronted with danger, she does not hesitate to fight. But after the three Justirisers appeared, Zora personally attempts to kill the Justirisers, but was shattered by the team. Surviving the Diglos being destroyed, Kurogane destroys the Shadestar as he intends to turn Earth into the foundation of a new empire. Reika, her assistant and personal bodyguard, accompanies her, Mio leaves Hoshiyama Island to find the Justirisers and stays close to them at all times.

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Are you sure you want to perform this action? Weakened by a revived Justriser, Zora is killed for good by Kageri. Super Battle Memory The Justirisers: She personally battles the Justirisers when they search for the Seventh key Plate at Kamishiroyama, using her teleportation power to divide and conquer them.


But when his plan is foiled during his fight against Shirogane, Hades enlarges into his true form. The Justirisers are three chosen humans who are given the mysterious Justipower, the “Earth’s will” that was discovered by the Riserseijin Noulan who utilized it to seal away Kaiser Hades long ago. The In-Loader also acts as a communications device between the three Justirisers.

The transformation call is “Souchaku! Video contains repulsive violation Video contains sexual content Video is pending for moderation.

Kageri’s finisher “Phantom Crush”, harnesses the charging of the Justipower of Wind into the Kageri Striker to fire off a powerful energy arrow at the enemy. Zora who justiriset begins to destroy the Stellar Plates to undo the seal found in Hades.

Her marine-coloured suit’s design is based on the Japanese Kuno-ichi Female Ninja with her helmet bearing the Tiger Motif. Last 7 days Last 7 days Last genseisgin days Last Year. When Shouta becomes Riser Shirogane, not only does the crystal drain him, but it also drains her life force to the point of exhaustion.

It uses its chest for its finishing attack, Justi Novagenseiehin releases an immensely powerful burst of multicoloured energy that is capable of destroying even the strongest giant space beast in one hit, including Kaiser Hadess in his giant form. Juu-Riser is designed to be less mobile in movement, but is advantageous when defense and firepower is needed to take out giant enemies, in which this GenSeiShin has plenty of.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Though revived, the injury he received from Glen forces Hades to leave in his battleship into subspace, summoning Bachuss and his Death Commandos to kill the Justirisers while sending Demon Knight to Earth. When on Earth, Daruga overpowers Shirogane in their first battle before taking his leave.

Much to some comical situations where she and Mio are under the Date household and assists in the appliance shop. Shouta, as is genseizhin first Justiriser to awaken on-screen upon facing the attack from the CyberKnights, episod the first to summon GenSeiJuu Riseross.

Each of those powers are based on the Four Symbols of Chinese Origin. Forgot password Forgot Username. Shinya Hiraga is a 2nd-year College student in Kyonan University majoring in robotic engineering.

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