Bezihich hager rasun masayet yemichel ahun Woyane bicha new. I know how people here R forced to cry, other wise they will die. Monday, 13 August at Yeweyane indirect rule agezazem mabeqatu ayqere new. We very well know that he had been making his propaganda against us when he was in Tigray and the last 21 years, and killed us since he seized power. Ve Tuesday, 10 December at It is true that few individuals become millionaire and grown so fast whereas majorities are going down.

Monday, 27 August at Home Sign in Register. Thursday, 30 May at Birehane Menigestu Monday, 30 July at Date Date Views Rating Title. Friday, 14 February at Tuesday, 30 July at

No man has such a hate for its own people.

Wt ever u said Meles is the greatest leader in ethiopian history. We draama to tell clearly to the youth faction that you will regrete for your actions. Dont call days and nights about Meles,Although he was wondereful leader! If you want to change your country to be a better place Monday, 17 December at After all, how growth can be expected from a dictatorial government that kills traders to ensure subjugation.


Our country economy is declining. Home Sign in Register. Tuesday, 5 June at For those whose eyes can see and whose mind can think, ethiopia’s Renaissance is real and it has been confirmed by many renown international organizations and governments. Fikirina Selam hulun yashenifal. NO Saturday, 27 April at Melkam binasib, melkam yihonilinal. It is good the Ethiopian youth want and demand support from their regional and federal governments.

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Ethiopia is growing fast why do you lay you enemies of your people. Rasachihun kenezih metfo bahiryat tebiku.

He have the only power. Meles you were really Genious!

PLease GOD forgive these people who do not know what they are doing. We appreciate good work and we criticize a wrong doing. You people have time to confess.

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Techachilen endenorn, techachilen iniketil. Ye Amara hizb gondere, welo, ena gojam teblo bikefafelem lehager yemiterf new. Rest In Peace Mr. Tuesday, 13 September at Wushoch slechehu gmel kguzow ydenakefal malet ymaytaseb new.

We all Ethiopians understood the intention of neftegnas it is only to get power regardless of development,peas and democracy.


Way Ethiopian governement is not trying to be nice for Ethiopin people? Hagerachen ke ende Meles aynetu zeregna yeteshale molutuotal. Yes Friday, 22 February at So we are always grateful to him for his everlasting love.

Everything is not what it seems.

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Let me tell you the fact. Please ,my citizenslets think of our own contribution but not what others do. The Making 4 years ago. Elias Kebede, Daniel Tewodros Graphics: Gemena- Ethiopian Drama Part 59 5 years ago.

Login Forgot your password? Gemena 2, Part 50 – Ethiopian Drama 4 years ago. Friday, 15 March at Because, they foolishly think that Ethiopia can never ever have a good leader except Meles or other Weyane.

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