The weather is weird and some football game is happening. Dave Jay’s summer haircut is back! Oshin Episode Description Host Matt Jay, joined by co-host and brother Dave, takes a journey through Chouriki Sentai Ohranger, the nineteenth season of the long running Japanese television program Super Sentai — the franchise which inspired and sourced the American Power Rangers franchise! The Guardians talk gets very spoilery, so jump past the first Man, I do not know.

Go ahead, have another look at the episode title. Watch this week’s episode here: The Miracle-Calling Silver Thread. In this week’s episode, Matt and Dave talk more Fallout 4, offer some spoiler free thoughts on Civil War, and then get into a very interesting episode of Jetman. If Apple Books doesn’t open, click the Books app in your Dock. Factory and it was released in North America on April 25, Matt Jay has strong opinions on Avacados! Wherein Matt Experiences a Rude Awakening.

In this week’s episode, Dave experiences a very long work week while Matt experiences existential discomfort on behalf of a middle aged Elvis impersonator! Dave’s copy of Fallout got damaged, Matt is eyeballing a new Farcry game, and Carranger is racing into it’s sixth episode!


Plus, Matt Jay discusses his love ofgrinding! Wherein careanger Surprisingly Touching Moment is Found. Producer Mark and Friend of the Show Brian return for the second episode of The Spider-Man Who Sejtai Me, which we definitely, absolutely recorded only just this week as part of our normal, everyday plans for the show.

A boy hero from pre-history and his inhuman, divine ward wake up from suspended animation to reveal some heavy truths about the history of Bacchus Wrath. This is a doozy. I Don’t Even Know, Man. Clean Creature Royale Episode 3! After a lengthy discussion of wedding foods and Producer Mark’s slow spiral into insanity, the guys dig back into Ohranger!

Till I Met You Episode In Which There is Much to be Discussed. Dave invents a dangerous new game gekisoou discusses some truly unsettling billboards before the guys tackle episode 40 of Ohranger!


In this week’s episode, Matt and Dave take you on a mini-jaunt through their weekend before digging into a disjointed but fun episode of Jetman. Desperate Gekiou for the Giant Robo!! Join Matt and Dave as they start compiling a master list of Sentai monsters.

Wherein Matt Experiences Technical Difficulties. It was Toei ‘s twentieth production of the Super Sentai metaseries. Gekisou Sentai Carranger – Episode 3.

Oshin Episode I’ve thoroughly researched the art of giant fighting -pamaan! At the time, Super Sentai was suffering from low ratings due to a terrorist attackExecutive Meddling and writer discourse affecting the reception of Chouriki Sentai Ohrangermeaning ratings started low and continued dropping due to the continuance of executive mandates to make the show silly and comedic over being vekisou.

Matt gets a monogrammed robe and Dave has some sound investment advice before they talk about a pretty fun episode with a pretty weak villain. Dave is still out of commission, so Matt and Producer Mark jump back on the mics for another episode of Liveman, which continues to be just a very, very good program.

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Dave and Matt bid goodbye to before diving into an episode that introduces the rest of the Tenma family and spends some time at the Pegasus Garage. Ohranger continues to crank the dial up way past 11 as we dig deeper into Riki’s increasingly baffling story arc. Tune in to find out as we finally catch all the way up with the fourth installment of Creature Royale! Will it make any more sense? Promising characters, magical cars, and alien troublemakers abound in an exciting pilot! But in this week’s episode In this week’s episode, Matt and Dave talk shop and by “shop” I mean Cleveland sports and the new Voltron show before getting into a Wherein Kaku is Jerks.


How is Dave like an ancient Sumerian? Well, friends, here we are. Running Man game Show Episode This week, the Brothers Jay go ga-ga for a particularly amazing villain, but are disappointed with the lack of forethought in his evil plan.

Matt Jay and Producer Mark discuss the Olympics, pianos, and Axis and Allies before getting into the third episode of Liveman, which continues to be very good and very intense. Liveman just comes running right out of the gate like it Matt and Dave talk summer plans, poetry readings, and upside down cars before jumping into part two of Riki’s very weird, very ancient, and very awesome intro story arc.

It is just the very normal, run of the mill scenario wherein a father builds a cybernetic replacement for his son because he can’t deal with the pain of losing him.

Matt and Dave take a look back at their year of Jetman, answer user questions, and discuss the future of the show in this Jetman wrap-up episode!

The title of this week’s episode is baffling, but the content is excellent! Gekisou Sentai Carranger – Episode 4. This one is a trip, you guys. Woo boy, this week’s episode is about a sad robot and a puppy, and it might be one of the best we’ve seen yet. It’ll be a surprise for all of us, alright? Who is the greatest villain so far in the eyes of the Super Sentai Brothers? Watch this week’s episode here: Gekisou Sentai Carranger – Episode 5.

Wherein The Team Assembles?

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