Fringe S01E02 [ Edited ]. Uploaded from another website. Subtitle Preview 1 NoTV 3 years ago 1 Improved sync, fixed case, hyphenated, removed HI. See you next season! HTjHD 3 years ago 2 Please dont criticise me if this subtitle is bad– it has been a long time!

Fringe S01E02 [ Edited ]. XviD-LOL 3 years ago 2 HEbP 3 years ago 2 Sci-Fi , Drama , Mystery. Back to Fringe – subtitle list. XviD-XOR 3 years ago 1 Yes, we’re back for Fringe.

X 3 years ago 2 Subtitle Preview 1 XviD-0TV edited by pongsakorn 3 years ago 1 Fringe Season 2 Complete.

Subdl : Subtitle for fringe fifth season

Fixed case, edited and resynced a section of n17t01’s sync. Sorry for the late submission.

HTjHD 3 years ago 2 XviD-3LT0N 3 years ago 2 Thanks to breathe for syncing my edited subtitle to fit CTU’s version. XCTU 3 years ago 1 XviD-0TV edited by pongsakorn. Improved version, fixed case, hyphenated, and other minor edits. Added missing dialogue, plus other corrections to n17t01’s sync. X pack English Fringe.

Subtitles For Fringe

Just some tiny fix. This sub is for the first 4 episodes as a single continuous video file as presented on the BRD. Improved version, fixed case, resynced here and there, hyphenated, and other minor edits.


XviD-LOL 3 years ago 21 VO 3 years ago 1 XviD-LOL 3 years ago 2 FQM 3 years ago 1 X 3 years ago 20 Corrected version from Addic7ed. XviD-FQM 3 years ago 1 Fringe Season 5 Complete.

Did normal sync and edits as usual. Sorry for the late edits but this was the hardest subtitles I ever had to edit plus Engliah have a fever right now.

Subtitles for Fringe

Sorry for not doing the last episode. Removed all HI notations.

HTjHD 3 years ago 1 Sorry for the delay as I was extremely busy. ThanX to “gi0v3” English Fringe.

Uploaded from another website. Contains all 20 episodes with edited subtitles in them. BTN 3 years ago 1 XviD-AFG 3 years ago 1

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