The innocence of their growing love is a real delight, although all the time the reader is in two minds about their affection: I really liked Harry; his character was confident and unafraid of everything, until he faces his own problems. Flyaway by Lucy Christopher. Isla and her father love to watch the wild swans arrive, but this year things are different. Preview — Flyaway by Lucy Christopher. As Isla tells her art class, when making a presentation about flight and the flight of swans in particular, the swans need each other to migrate. The tension, the characters, the psychology.

Finally, there is a thread about a budding romance Isla has with a boy awaiting a bone marrow transplant. Skellig — David Almond Rating: Can she and the swan make the difference that is needed not only for her father but also for Harry, the boy with cancer whom she befriends in the hospital. You are commenting using your WordPress. How can Jack play football and kiss a girl while his father is lying in bed, possibly dying? Together they share a love for birds, especially swans. Isla and Harry discover a swan out on the lake, and before they know it, everything changes. Lucy Christopher knows teenagers; she k One of the reasons I love Lucy Christopher’s books so much are because they’re real.

Flyaway is a touching, uplifting, and all around wonderful story. And in doing so, she embarks upon a breathtakingly magical journey of her own.

Isla is an engaging narrator, with a warm personality and a selfless nature.

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Lucy is clearly a master of imagery. Only small clues gives hints that it takes place in the British Isles. The setting is always another character. Try it for yourself, you may just like it – 4 stars Which is a good rating, for me! She seemed perfect in his eyes.

This book is filled with beautiful language and description of the swan that has an almost mystical connection to Isla and the budding love between Isla and Harry as well as the often complicated familial bonds that keep some members close and others christophrr a distance.

He smuggles her away on a plane to Australia and takes her to the middle of the desert, expecting her to fall in love with him. One of the reasons I love Lucy Christopher’s books so much are because they’re real. I felt like I was watching the swans with Isla and her dad, riding to the hospital with her in the middle of the night and sitting with her while she started to make the best school project in history.


I have a feeling a lot of people haven’t read this because it’s a middle-grade novel, technically, but if you’re avoiding this book because of its age group Every cyristopher Isla met her father at the hospital, she would stop by Harry’s room. Ty rescues her and takes care of her until her burns have healed. Juju at Tales of Chrsitopher. Isla puts her energies into teaching the swan, convinced that somehow this will help her father pull through. There, he expects her to not only fall in love with him, but stay with him forever.

You always find the best books! Will be checking this out, that’s for sure! As with Stolen, the characters in Flyaway drive the novel forwards and give it that little bit extra to go from a good story to a great one.

While worrying about her father, Isla luccy a sick boy named Harry. In all of this, these stories of life in its many permutations, there is a binding love, a transcendent human compassion and spiritual bonding of one life to another.

And this does it. All versions of this book ISBN: I loved Flyaway nearly as much as I did Stolen and with this novel Lucy Christopher has put herself firmly on my auto-buy list.

Isla and her father had shared this concern, and she takes on the mantle of care while he is ill, sharing snippets of her observations with him to cheer him toward recovery. To ask other readers questions about Flyawayplease sign up. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a typical romance novel.

Dec 06, rainycityreflections rated it it was ok. But it is also a novel filled with hope and magic. I was not disappointed by the next book I chose by her. This entry was posted in Book Review and tagged Book Review.

As the story began to draw to a close I found myself skim reading the pages so I think the pace did begin to slow down towards the ending, when I really wanted it to speed up.

This was beautifully written with lots of great visuals and an aching story line. Some of the chapters were as short as two pages.

But I wasn’t tempted even once while reading this o I didn’t really know anything about this one, just that it had good reviews and just recently made it onto ALSC’s Notable Children’s Books list.


It really showed that Harry didn’t care how weird Isla seemed. Maxi’s Secret just about took me out and after reading three novels about Hurricane Katrina and my beloved New Orleans, I was not ready for anything else that was going to put me off my feed or keep me awake at night.

The lone swan accepts Isla as his flock, stroking her hand with his beak and racing up and down the lake beside her. The story is rich with well-developed characters about whom you come to care deeply. Together they watch a lone swan struggling to fly on the lake outside Harry’s window. How to Retrain Your Appetite Dr. Up front, I will say that I purchased this book based on luc number of starred reviews and flyawy words “lyrically written”. Seeing as the narrator of FLYAWAY is a thirteen year-old girl, Lucy Christopher could’ve written a juvenile middle-grade book with ridiculously simple writing and stiff dialogue.

Books by Lucy Christopher. Lucy Christopher was just 25 years old when she came to prominence with her debut novel Stolen, which garnered international critical acclaim.


I realized partway through that however things ended up for the snopsis would be fine with me, because it was the experiences they were having that synopsos the book so beautiful. Lucy Christopher christophef an air of sadness with her soft, subtle prose. As she and her family anxiously hover I had read Lucy Christopher’s “Stolen” and was eager to read her next book. Refresh and try again. First the swans fly into electric wires and down they go. Finally, there is a thread about a budding romance Isla has with a boy awaiting a bone marrow transplant.

The story follows several threads, always with Isla as the narrator. I will pick up anything she writes. Lucy Christopher has wrote many amazing novels, but I think this is one is my favorite by far.

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