I would rather have an interesting sidestory about Watanabe – more of a development of his character than him just being pretty background visuals – than all the screen time that Do Hwi has had, or the ahjumma side story or the panda girl one that I fear might come up. Kim Da Ye Supporting Cast. But for some reason, I dislike the actress as well. So kinda liking her is going far for me. Sorry but the preview for the next episode trumps this episode by a lot!!!!!! Flower Boy Next Door Teaser3: Rashell February 6, at

He is teetering precariously on the edge at times with his “but I was there first! Oh, how I love this drama and it’s so sad that it’s almost over. And I suddendly really scare with this scene, what if Toystar February 6, at 3: I have no objections to her getting a redemption arc or whatever, and I may even conceed she has a right to a good man once she has truly repented and suffered. Shi yoon oppa ftw!!!! I like telepathy but it doesn’t solve everything. But somehow it’s working on me whaaat??

Flower Boy Next Door

But Yoon shi Yoon is really really good. So kinda liking her is going far for me. Log in with Email.

Did she imagine him as Enrique? Enrique’s character isn’t exactly childish, he has a reason to feel that Jin-rak isn’t suitable for Dok-mi. From all you’ve mentioned I think the most important points are finding out Jin-Rak’s past and the whole Do-Hwi and Dok-Mi relationship I hope however the ending is Because if you don’t someone else definitely will.


Your email address will not be published. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe This was a pretty serious episode, but her scene had me laughing for real.

That was a wonderful recap. She is actually one of the best young actresses in her age range in Korea right now – so incredibly expressive, and with a chameleon’s gift for completely becoming her characters no matter how different they are.

Yeah, I think it was perfect for the moment too. She tells him that everything that seems so dire now will fade as soon as he gets back home. This episode seems a bit on the melo side though. Nexg will always be Enrique for me. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. I love her cause she is just hilarious. Is it really her?

Not that Dor can’t happen, but when you are angry you are sharp tongue Dok Mi, we see that side of her And the writer noona Jacqueline February 5, at 9: D counting down till next week!!: Flower Boy Next Door Teaser3: I can’t say much right now because I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m that much more excited for when I do.


Thanks for the recap, Javabeans!

I hope the preview was not a dream!!! He was unadulterated awesome this episode, I tlower to give him a puppy or something. The guys were at it again, in treating the girls like an object.

Their eyes and lips speak a thousand words – especially Park Shin Hye.

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I’m rooting for Enrique but Jin-rak grows on me. Dong-hoon shrinks back—is he intending to beat him for leaving? And a totally random thought Working as a freelance copy editor, she is able to arrange for most dramacraxy her assignments through the mail, email and text messages so she is able to limit her personal and professional interactions.

What a great episode for Enrique. I know how you feel. Anyway love this episode and can’t wait for next week! TA February 11, at I am afraid it will be worse. I wonder, who’s following him?

Well, at least they let her close her eyes for a brief moment. Dok-mi uses it too

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