Stem cell and gene therapy, Holfeld says, have still not been able to find any broad clinical use despite intensive research. Infrastructure was just one area where the growth compared to last year was clearly notable. The years of hard work sure seem to be paying off. This is a ranking that has nothing to do with success, pitching or achievements. Marcus Irsfeld has co-founded medifundo with Peter Biewald in But we also have conflicts of interest among our stakeholders. Unbreakable, made entirely of wood, social media content — different approaches for perfect vision made in Tirol.

Therefore, the international research community has been concentrating on innovative early detection methods and therapies. Philipp Baaske co-founded NanoTemper together with Stefan Duhr, a company to address challenges researchers were facing with the ultimate goal of helping to move science forward. On day two, I fully planned to take better care of myself, but the prospect of storming the FoodSummit just over the bridge together with 22, people more was not too appealing. Before he worked in different industries with a strong international focus, including a fraud audit project in China. During his academic research, he consequently translated insights into HIV replication and pathogenesis into advanced vaccination strategies, which reached phase 1 and 2 clinical testing. They needed a year for the prototype, years two and three were earmarked for a trial, they have been ready to go into production since

Her research focus was on international strategies and on economic, legal and socio-cultural framework conditions for biotechnology companies. AHM Weekends and holidays are therefore more or less non-existent for Frank. And the fact that you floriann take a vacation… Laughter. The last lucky winners are Dr.

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Money that can only be generated by investors beckf also encouraged the university employees to found the start-up HeaRT — Heart Regeneration Technologies. Second prize and 1.

Under the umbrella of the Bavarian Research and Innovation Agency BayFIABayerische Patentallianz is a full-service technology management provider offering services in the area of technology transfer, IP management and commercialization.

The human not machine part will be the unique selling point for business in the future. While the production of videos from people in various working settings is their main activity, they also aim to becie it easy for job seekers floriaj find video stories based on their own interests. This support has been particularly welcome, as the young inventor is looking to gain patent protection for his idea.


This method promises to be less time-consuming than others out there. According to Florian Becke they bring added value to Tirol that cannot be underestimated. It is important not only promoting research and development, which Austria is very good at, but bringing new products into the marketplace.

The office of Airborne Hydromapping AHM is tucked away behind a huge underground hall that could easily fit a plane. Even three medical technology start-ups in Tirol have got involved.

She supports tech startups in attracting and retaining the right talent. Carinthia Karin Ibovnik and Science Park Graz Emmerich Wutschek came together to review their past performance, discuss current issues and give an outlook on the upcoming entrepreneurial challenges for Austria. So for example, if you have a lot of ideas but you tend to be late, whatchado will help you out with a watch or maybe with a Moleskine notebook if you are chaotic with your notes. Thomas Hanke is currently leading and expanding a portfolio of strategic academic partnerships at Evotec, including the first-in-class accelerator LAB in Oxford.

Frankly, this was why most of the entrepreneurs present had coughed up the funds for the quite expensive ticket. Food Customs at Ceremonial Occasions Since everybody needs to eat at least sometimes, whatchado makes use of this circumstance and transforms meals into happenings. There are other cultures that do it better and are more interested in this kind of thing. Currently, she is working on the expansion of the program to Southeast Asia.

While other inside jokes might be hard to notice from the outside, Ali gives insights into his idiosyncratic way of becie Government, Leadership and Officials In terms of hierarchy, the company accepts three: I have the greatest respect for people who found a startup. Anja Zimmermann is working for Ascenion GmbH since Cardiovascular diseases are in the sights of three medical technology start-ups from Tyrol. In the s, she developed a new therapy for HIV infections and in she founded her first startup in Germany, eventually licensing the HIV therapy cazt a bigger pharmaceutical company.


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While Ergospect with its Diagnostic Pedal Cardio — an ergometer, which can provide early detection of coronary heart disease by simulating stress situations in a magnetic resonance tomograph MRT — is already on the market, the team at AFreeze wants to treat atrial fibrillation caused by atrophia of the affected heart tissue by using cold temperatures. The Ergospect team fell back on its fibre optic experience with strain gauges: After two years of inventures with more than 1, publications during that time, we have cat many companies come and go.

Before they settle and find their right place in the company, all new members go through a traineeship with stops in each team for a couple of days. The submissions were reviewed by an expert jury that considered criteria such as market potential, level of bece, competition, and economic feasibility. It can be a student who has an idea and hears one of our lectures.

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Interview by Stefanie Rauchegger. Their trust and confidence in themselves is encouraged by their warm and hearty business culture: His blog site is suitably name www. The feedback, Hugl says, has been very positive. He was instrumental in the start-up, growth and exit of several biotech companies. Biocrates is specialised in analysing metabolic processes; Ionicon hecke solutions for trace gas analysis; the Oxygraph-2k from Oroboros Instruments is the leading system for measuring cell respiration; Innovacell is developing personalised cell therapy for treating stress incontinence; and iSYS is focusing on robotic positioning systems for interventional radiology.

Astrid Giegold is a senior consultant for start-up companies and responsible for portfolio management.

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