Let’s accompany Asami and Takaba through this tough journey. Something that would be way easier to do if he wasn’t being followed by his past. Their titles tends to be Darker and Edgier with heaps of Nightmare Fuel. Without a word, they watched one another quietly, almost warmly. Akihito blinked as the line was suddenly filled with the generic corporate classical string music. At the end of Super Mario Odyssey , Mario tries to propose to Princess Peach, but Bowser butts in and they get caught up in a squabble over her and end up just shoving flowers in her face. Manga sites often mistakenly tag Nabari no Ou as BL.

Her business trip had been curtailed and she was suddenly attentive and keen to spend time with him again, very much the opposite from before she’d left when she’d insisted that she needed some space. It was long enough to reach way past his prostate, and it rammed into a slight curve. This happens with two of Priscilla’s potential love interests, as her noble status prevents her from being able to continue a relationship with both Guy, a poor swordsmen, and Heath, a Wyvern Knight deserter. Asami untied Akihito and then started his usual rough thrusting. The World Against Me by furikakechan reviews Summary: Here is the new chapter to The Little Merfinder. Akihito jumped as the mental picture of Risa — beautiful Risa with her shiny hair and clever eyes and willowy figure — was abruptly replaced by that of a middle-aged man with glasses. He stopped talking and Asami saw a panicked look on Akihito’s face.

That was all it was supposed to be.


Asami’s nemesis comes back to haunt him. Without a word, they watched danfiction another quietly, almost warmly. In an attempt to get Takaba out of the way for good, Sudoh gives him to Sakazaki and lets the man have his way with him.

I used the knife. A Heroic Sacrifice to become the Barrier Maiden for the world can do that.

You need to login to do this. To see the face of the one person he absolutely, categorically, could not meet. Love story English version by serenyty82 reviews Asami and Akihito to fanfkction aware of a way to have kids Shall we do an exchange? You need to login to do this.


There’s no tension, because while bad things happen, they don’t seem to have more of an effect than a Random Events Plot gag.

Oblivious Akihito Chapter 6, a finder series fanfic | FanFiction

Love Affair by midnightlibra89 reviews None of them had gotten along at first. With their anniversary approaching, can Akihito keep the secret of his betrayal from Asami? Akihito wasn’t the only ittai born to the Takaba family. Don Rosa was strongly tempted to write more meetings between them when he took over the Scrooge McDuck Universe but resisted the temptation to ruin the tragic romanticism of this trope.

Asami Ryuichi is hosting it for a week at his most prestigious hotel. The man stopped rubbing his hair as sries pushed the towel onto his shoulders.

Back in the slums by xOooBubblesooOx reviews Iason has allowed Riki to return home, but has also followed. Rated M for context.

No matter the continuity, Gotoh never ends up with his fellow captain, Shinobu. Pissed off, he slammed the receiver down. Takano takes care of him and as they stay together things from their past are repeated. He quickly ripped Mitarai’s camera fanffiction off of him, and placed both their bags beside the wooden crate.

Akihito has been pretty used to being living with Asami. Rated T for language. Mitarai’s own heart too, gave an extra strong thump when the cross-dressing Akihito turned to look at him, a grin on his face for getting the shots they needed. Has been adapted into a manhua with an anime adaptation slated for Summer Secretary by Setsuna24 reviews A secretary at Fanfictino is madly in love with the boss, Kirishima is not amused.

Asami Ryuichi ittai never, ever know who he was. His legs spread apart and tied to opposite ends of a broom pole. In cyberpunk post-war Tokyo, a young freelancer is dragged into the depths of the corrupt corporate underworld when he crosses fanfjction man at it’s helm. Is this all simply fate? The more the merrier former: MPreg Finder Series – Rated: Housewife Secrets by Setsuna24 reviews Akihito is hiding something from Asami and kirishima is his accomplice.


Intrigued by the fierce beast, he takes it back to his castle in hopes of making him a slave and ridding himself of boredom. What is Akihito going to do and how is Asami going to react? What Happens at Night by skyressshun reviews Akihito’s having trouble sleeping thanks to Asami. Together, we walk through our layer of hell with open eyes… Never satisfied; never ending. A Gentle Heart Happiness by axellerosewalley reviews The love story of Takaba Akihito, a temp elementary school teacher with the fanficfion of one of his student Asami Ryuichi.

He was to act as the clan’s eyes and ears, reporting seriex that could bring down the King.

Equivalent Sacrifice by LunarDragon1 reviews this takes place in an alternate world where animals evolved and live along side humans and only the strongest survive. Yaoi, don’t like don’t read. These vampires prey on the blood of humans, opposing this abhorrent feasting are the cave dwelling vampires. Her last words to him are a long and vicious “The Reason You Suck” Speech that he takes rather gracefully and while neither findsr them outright say how they feel, his final gesture communicates his finderr feelings.

Did Not Get the Girl

Feilong’s Foolishness by OichiHitomi reviews Feilong, Asami, Akihito and Mikhail seeries living together and Asami’s apartment magically gained a third bedroom. Changes and Transformations by Ashida reviews Takaba needs to clear his head, coming back from Hong Kong and finding people still following him,he begins to panic and his thoughts spiral out of control.

He doesn’t smirk, but looks intently at Takaba’s hurt face. The Taken and The Finder by shelby98 reviews Akihito is taken and Asami has to search for him with every fiber of his being.

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