My Reflections Both traditional and progressive views of education take into account the needs of the student, the teacher, and the role of the curriculum. In order for the curriculum implemented, it requires open-mindedness and full belief that it will enhance learning. They have to make projects, portfolios, journals, Investigatory projects, etc. A teachers role is broader and inclusive of other functions and so a teacher is a curricularist. This curricularist has published researches, books, manuals, and other instructional materials. Secondary Level Name of Teacher: Lead discussions were a nightmare in the traditional curriculum. Complete the template below:

Teacher play important role in fostering intellectual and social development of children during their formative years. For instance, the K to 12 curriculum provides newly sets of competencies and standards for the learners to be acquainted with. A curricularist is a professional who is a curriculum specialist. Every now and then you make lesson plans, instructional materials, assess the learning of the students, and also never cease to improve your credibility as a teacher. Field Study 4 Episode 1 Education. Origins of the Progressive Education. Field Study 4 Episode 3 Education. Secondary LevelName of Teacher Mr.

Submission of Learning EpisodesSubmitted before the deadline4Submitted on the deadline3Submitted a day after the deadline2Submitted two days or more cield the deadline1. Field Study 4 Episode 1 Education.

FS 4 ep3 and 4. Vaguely related to the theories Grammar and spelling acceptable 2Analysis were not answered. The better quality of learning provided by the progressive curriculum than the traditional curriculum suggests that we must pursue and recognize it. Modes of Instructions Lecture Activities Photo copied materials, LCD projectors, educational videos, Instructional Materials Manila paper even educational games are considered as an instructional material.


Chemistry and Physics Signature: ElementaryName of Teacher Ms. You just clipped your first slide!

Fs4 episode 3 The teacher as a curricularist

Clipping is a teachet way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. The progressive curriculum provides more evocative learning than the traditional learning; it actualizes the learning acquired from the traditional curriculum. They are passive learners. In spite of these differing features, we cannot deny the truth that somehow they complement each other.

Field Study 4 Episode 8 Education.

Fs 4 episode 3

It clearly spells out the various functions of a teacher as a curriculum specialist. The classroom is the first place of curricular engagement.

Activity 3 Research in the library and look for a topic about stufy role of a teacher as a curricularist. For instance, it is impossible to deal with critical thinking or knowledge inquiry under traditional curriculum, which is only concerned in the presentation of information to be memorized.

Field Study 4 Episode 3

Nevertheless, to whatever curriculum it is, what counts the most is the- quality of learning. I modify my activities to suit the learners.

To be a good teacher, one must be creative in teaching strategies and must properly innovate the curriculum. A guide walks beside a person on a journey, not in font. The condition of the traditional curriculum made the students less willful. This is in contrast to the traditional type of curriculum that was practically grounded on authority based on ponderous text books as well as a very stern teacher.


Field Study 4 Episode 3

Lead discussions were a nightmare in the traditional curriculum. Aspects Traditional Progressive The teacher gives only the The teacher is more on activities, Roles of Teacher concepts. With these, therefore make a teacher becomes a curriculum cufricularist. Aguinaldo, Divina Gracia P.

The students are just listening The students participate in the Roles of Pupils to the teacher while lecturing.

This made the whole process of learning to become fun therefore improving the morale of the students. Fs4 episode 3 The teacher as a curricularist.

This makes the class atmosphere to be community that is democratic with fair rules and a chance for all to speak and therefore comfort and success ensues.

In analyzing the curriculum, the teacher should consider the following except. Doing such makes a teacher as a knower tfacher curriculum. The Struggle the American Curriculum. The teacher takes consideration several factors in planning a curriculum. Secondary Level Name of Teacher:

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