It is a series of tales, related to supernatural, real-life incidents reported across India. Soon, to Pratibha’s sheer terror, Rahul falls prey to the same evil entity! Evils of black magic. His seniors rag him and lock him inside a lab. This makes her afraid as she is sitting in front of the mirror, which would reveal Nisha’s real identity. The story initiates with an old hag chanting spells and using her knowledge of witchcraft.

A young, pregnant doctor, Kavita arrives with her husband Ajay, brother Karan and nephew Jigar to a residential colony inhabited by only widows. Today’s Fear Files is the story of Black Magic practice on a small boy living with his happily married parents in Siliguri, West Bengal. When she starts to exhibit signs of ageing, Mona tells her about Rajitha, to whom something similar had happened. She sees an image of a ghost on the mirror of the car and she gets scared. Keep watching to know if Akash understand the situation and prevents any further deaths. Another fear filled episode of Fear Files brings to us another horror story of a little girl who meets with an accident and her soul possesses a doll that she used to play with. Who is this letter post going to hunt?

Basanti, a eunuch, who was allegedly responsible for her friend Chandini’s disappearance, is found hanging on a tree. What will be the fate of these students?

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Fear Files – Har Mod Pe Darr

The supernatural force then scares the hell out of people by showing their own video, where the person watching the video is being strangulated lctober death. Later, Riya finds Nisha involving Jai in an occult rite. The couple is left horrified when the girl gets pulled below the water by a ghost.


The next night, Bindiya has further eerie experiences as she tries to sleep. Stay tuned to know the full story.

Stay tuned to know what happens to Anjali. Their neighbour narrates the unfortunate story behind the horrifying deaths of the previous occupants. The baba reveals that this witch can only get free if she recieves a blood of a specific person.

Thinking the message to be a joke, the couple deletes it.

Today the show tells the story of a girl, who is using searching a bride for her wedding. However, Lalan continues to gather courage and enters the house in search for Sabbo. Watch the full episode to know about the series of incidences of death and destruction. Overview Fear Files — is a Hindi horror television series that showcases stories of paranormal incidents and investigations of strange events. Later, Sharda sees Mahindra possessed by Arush.

Today’s episode is a story about young girl Shalini living in Patna, Bihar. Fear Files Season 1. It is a series of tales, related to supernatural, real-life incidents reported across India.

After 26 years, a family of five move into the same house and one after the other, in separate incidents, the children experience supernatural occurrences.

The man says that he would bring the soil as soon as possible.


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The story is of a mother, who was separated by her child. Another passerby finds this girl sitting helpless. Stay tuned to know if the boys survive the horrors of the place they are staying at.

Evils of black magic. What paranormal activities would this boy and his friends encounter at the ruined house? Fear Files – Episodes Nandani Gujral finds a shadowy presence following her. The witch uses this opportunity to free herself and create chaos.

In her quest, Reema steals one of the dolls from the tree and takes it home. He is then attacked by evil forces and is unable to return to the train. She enters the store room and sees a picture of Mahindra with another woman.

In today’s show, the story revolves around the life of an eleven year old kid, Justin studying in St. While on the other hand, another boy named Bijoy is seen travelling in the car and suddenly the brakes of the car fail. She comes to Fatehpur to live with him.

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