It was a gift after all! I love reading your thoughts on body image. I appreciate the sentiment in your comment, but those two points were too important to me to let lie. Someday people are just to accept everyone as a person. Hello Michelle, I feel your article is self-edited to a great degree leaving readers clueless about other viewpoints. Say it, don’t spray it. Some days I eat cupcakes, some days I run mostly for mental health purposes , and some days I do both.

It was much needed. I grew up with a Mom who lectured for Weight Watchers and was on the Monday morning diet, for years, and still is. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Keep on being the wonderful you that you are. OR Fat, Fat how you say it. Notify me of new posts via email. I remember how she talked about her body and, by extension, mine.

Fatty McFat Fat

I might not be fat fat or obese but to me I am and getting bigger each day. You have lovey dogs. I love this post!

I am glad you can clearly see Option A is the way to go. Say it, don’t spray it. It was not lost on me that eating cupcakes may be correlated with fatness. But my god, still such a vast improvement over all the time and energy wasted in my teens and twenties; jeezus h. You have those same things.

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Yes it is — baby steps. So many thoughts here. I was scared to leave my house to go to school and basically just wanted to cry every day. Also, you have really fantastic hair. And that might be fine, and you — and your kid — should know it. Email required Address never made public. I rather be fat fat than what I am having right now RA, Autoimmune disease, ulcer, etc. Kids can be blunt and there is beauty as well as a beast about them! You know, like we actually are? So thank you for writing this and affirming the beliefs I am struggling to instill.


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I kept thinking that everything would be good if I could just lose like 10 no mybe 20 pounds!! If those pants make your butt look big, it might actually be because your butt is kinda big. Or a hundred pounds, because remember: Oh, and you are fat. Asking for a friend! I followed you on your food blog. Recognize that your body is an impressive piece of work. And to top it all, the clothes that I used to fit in suddenly gone too small for my body. Like Liked by 6 people.

You have a great job, a great relationship, are happy and healthy, get to travel the world, and look adorable in hats.

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Like Liked by 4 people. Hello pounds which I have never weighed — even when pregnant. I feel your article is self-edited to a great degree leaving readers clueless about other viewpoints.


You are fayty using your WordPress. Can I help with the reminding part?

You have a great life. We just come at it from different angles. That was until my son told me that for him I am the most beautiful person and that he loved my tummy to rest his little head on!

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Especially at how many there were. I love this so much. If you want to go for a jog, or lift some weights, or, god forbid, do some burpees because you like feeling strong or have a secret dream of competing on American Ninja Warriorwhich, yes, is an actual thing, let me be the first to give you three cheers.

I enjoyed fst it.

Worse, it stops us from pursing new experiences. Speaking of love, I love your stuff. Notify me of new posts via email. My therapist and I are still working on that question. Do what makes you happy, what makes you comfortable, what makes you healthy.

You stood out as a role model.

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