Probably thought the house was empty and wanted to shelter himself from the cold. The money got bigger. They let him out again, didn’t they? Thank God for giving him back to us. No possibility of a bruise or something at his nerves. Is Chief Recep in his room?

May God curse those hands who pulled that trigger. I’ll go there directly from work. And hit the bed. We need to take you with us. They were at home that night. I’ll go home for a shower and come to the hospital.

Maybe one of their man did it.

Serdar, can you show me which medicines do I need take again? They’re fine, playing in the house. It’s not your fault, though.

As I said, he stayed at my place for three days. And the case would be re-opened. And we’re in danger. Why are you giving me that face? I don’t remember anything.

Visiting friends fatmaguk relatives. He’d want to be here. Tell me the name. I turned to the sound of the gun.


Obviously, they followed you. But I didn’t quite get it. He’s out of town right now. Why are you looking for Mustafa?

Fatmaugl long as he’s away from us Wait up for me. And all this perfume and preparations will go in vain. When I turned my head And decided to go. Kerim, say something, son. God, why all this happens to us?

Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne Episode 59 (Eng Subs) .avi with subtitles | Amara

But he has an alibi for last night. What does even engagement chocolate mean? Thank God for giving him back to us. My God, my God Did they find who did it?

They were suspects too.

Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne Episode 59 (Eng Subs) .avi

Guys, Kerim got shot. Did my dad head out? Thank you very much. It’ll stay that way for the rest of our lives. It was the rifle of the house, Mukaddes.

I gotta help Meryem Abla. Did you rat on me? Okay, but call us when it’s over. I better go now. They first said that he shot him.


I’ll go home for a shower and come to the hospital. If he hears your voice he’ll believe you’re really fine.

You are a jackal. That’s how I raised him. She was so tired At last, you came! He’ll come on the weekend.

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I didn’t do anything. I told her not to put her nose into other people’s issues.

You will find me a boat today, or tomorrow. We can talk later.

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