The episode opens with Jongshin penning a song and Jongkook playing soccer. Highlights of the bamboo gathering team include Daesung and Chunhee fighting for Yoona’s affections, with Daesung laying on top of bamboo shoots to create a walking path for Yoona, only to be hindered by Sooro as he inquires about the girl idol Daesung text-messaged. Rather than the usual assigned breakfast duties, the Family set off on a boat ride to go abalone fishing, featuring scuba diving stories from Chunhee and songs from Sungrok, G-dragon and Jaesuk. The members interrogate each other with personal questions to allow the audience to familiarize itself with the Family. The Family gather at the airport, with Cha Tae-hyun easily integrating with the other members. The next morning, the wake-up mission involves a trivia game, ultimately with Daesung and Jaesuk being held responsible for breakfast duty.

The four of them go off to the market and buy ray fish to prepare. Following breakfast, the Family perform a morning wake-up dancing exercise before heading out into the mud fields to gather loaches. Soyool Village, Yeosu , South Jeolla. After the game session, the rest of the Family continue with kimchi preparation while Jaesuk, Daesung, and Sooro mischievously head off to town to seek out other necessary ingredients. The Family then gather at a local valley to sing songs from The Sound of Music before playing a football-like game, where Sooro accidentally pushes Chunhee off the field and Jaesuk is ignored and chastised by his team. Sung-hoon with much help from Yejin helps in preparing the fish and shows an adorable side of self by becoming scared of the process.

Taking on their first assigned task, the Family board a boat to go octopus fishing, cooking vieysub during the ride. For the last episodes of Season 1, previous members Lee Chun-hee and Park Ye-jin along with Park Si-yeon, who has been absent due to a back injury, return for a reunion.

[Vietsub][] Family Outing Ep (Guest: Lee Bum Soo)

Afterwards, to prepare dinner, Vietusb and Yejin are sent to the market to find vegetables and nuts, but to interfere with a running ‘love scandal’ gag, Chunhee is instructed to tag along and act as an interloper, only to have the couple furtively escaping his oversight. On the beach, Sooro and Jongshin trade praises while directing Sungrok, as the other Family members dive for abalone. Soo-ro, aka Little Boy Kim, does a self-camera as he goes to get dried fish. Along with the assigned tasks, they play games and prepare dinner and breakfast for themselves.

Sewson preparations feature 1 “Dumb and Dumber” having difficulty deciding on how many pumpkin leaves to pick, 2 Jongshin, Jaesuk, and Hyesung attempting to properly season the soup, and 3 Chunhee being bossed around and nagged by the tandem of Hyori and Yejin. Highlights include Joon-gi being grouped with Jaesuk and Jongshin for falling into the water so readily and Jongkook coming up with a creative exit strategy when he and Yejin are the last survivors.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The final assignment calls for the Family to harvest seagrass, which is followed tamily a race game on elevated planks in shallow waters.

On the shores, Daesung and Yunho captain teams for a race game in the shallow water. During sleep vietskb rankings, the Family attempt celebrity imitations and impromptu poetry.

After dinner, the Family face off in one-on-one boasting battles, where preposterous exchanges take place between Rain and Chunhee, Jaesuk and Jongshin, Hyori and Yejin, Jongkook and Daesung, and Sooro and Chunhee, including ridiculously topics such as television-watching ability, fame resulting from associating with Kang Ho-dongcrying to songs when drunk, and frequent flyer miles.


The next morning, a watermelon seed spitting game enables the selection swason Jaesuk, Daesung, and Yejin for breakfast duty. Highlights of dinner preparation include 1 the “Dumb and Dumber” brothers picking perilla leaves, while fearful of Hyori’s scolding, 2 Stepmother Kim and Chundrella vetsub for potatoes, and 3 Jongshin secretively seasoning the stew with ramyun powder. Hyori, Jong-Kook, Jongshin, and Hae-jin have helpful comments.

Many humorous moments arise as a result of water leaking into their bib pants, with 1 Sungrok reminding the audience of Chunhee with his clumsiness and 2 G-dragon and Jaesuk vietskb held upside down to drain their bib pants, with mouthfuls sesson water as a result. Upon returning home, the Family role play a scene from Bumsoo’s drama to determine sleep order rankings, highlighted by Jongshin’s surprising “Eh” sound. After eating, the Family feed the cattle and take a break to play a game of team “musical chairs” with a large haystack, featuring Taehyun’s biting foul play and Jongshin’s backwards underpants.

Finally, the Family play a game on the monkey bars, featuring the “Game Devil” Sooro, high-bar master Junjin, biting man Jaesuk, and an epic women’s battle before heading back to the house to express their gratitude for the homeowners seaso an audio recording. After dinner, the Family gather to watch a fan-made music video featuring clips of previous episodes before Kim Tae-won makes an appearance, performing with his guitar. Jongkook gietsub the “Dumb and Dumber” tandem to dig for ginseng, while Sooro and Jongshin lounge fakily the house, directing Yejin in fire starting.

Afterwards, the Family ojting dances to determine sleep order rankings, supplemented with some gifts of sweet potatoes and chocolate bars. Sung-hoon is shown to be very scared of marine animals which gives the rest of the members something to tease him about. Donning bib pants, they set off on a boat to harvest fishing nets. Nicole KaraTiffany Girls’ Generation. On the way to the beach, Sooro jokes about his fan boards.

Family Outing Ep 35 EngSub Choi Seung Hyun TOP from Big Bang

When they reconvene, the Family proceed to prepare outihg large batch of kimchi before quickly cooking and enjoying dinner in the winter cold. Lee Sang-yong, Girls’ Generation. Returning home, the Family forms subgroups for dinner preparations. Later, back at the house, the Family pop rice kernels to be served with molasses, with highlights including Jaesuk testing Jongkook’s patience as the latter teaches the Dumb MC how to operate the popping machine and Daesung delightfully accepting Yoona feeding him mouthfuls of the confection.

After dinner, the Family play the Saranghae game, using kisses, rather than forehead slaps, as punishment for laughter.

Arriving at the village, the Family head to the wheat fields to harvest first by hand, then with a combine operated by Sooro. Meanwhile, at the house, Yejin and Hyori engage in a bet over which of the two Jongkook prefers, with situps and push-ups as punishment at stake, and Daesung distresses after momentarily losing sight of Sooro. Highlights include 1 Chunhee washing radishes with a bar of soap, 2 Chunhee and Sooro shaving the radish with their teeth and 3 Sooro frying eggs with vinegar rather than oil.

Highlights include Hyori threatening to withhold Jongkook’s wages if he dares to take a break and Hyori caning the three men when their attempts at humor are deemed not funny. The evening ends with sleep order rankings and bedtime preparations, highlighted by the Family turning off the lights and pretending 11 be asleep while Jongshin is still outside washing up.


After eating, the Family compete in a jumping contest to vietusb their head against a dangling lightbulb, with much teasing of Jongkook during a love-line with Yejin and Hyori.

Highlights include the members’ ages expressed as “levels” and members expressing their future wishes and predictions as they jump, such as Chunhee scolding Sooro and Jongshin requesting respect for the “middle-aged”.

With the production crew acting as judge, Chunhee bests Jongkook, with both donning lipstick, false lashes, and blush, causing the losing Jongkook to feign frustration as he runs into a patch of mud with his new sneakers.

Gathering at the village, wp Family men heartily greet Yoona; whose surprise presence viefsub Chunhee to fumble with his sunglasses and Daesung to run to her, laterally, with delight. The Family roast the clams and prepare a kimchi stew for dinner, then partake in an individual competition to roast open clams.

Highlights include Daesung revealing his text message exchanges with a female idol, Taehyun falling asleep drunk next to garbage dumpster, and Jongkook admitting he cried when drunk. Finally, the Family harvest cabbages before recording a message of gratitude towards the homeowners.

The losing team does morning chores; Catching snow crabs. Welcoming two new “Family” members: Junjin and Sooro are the aces during this race through water game, with teammates acting as obstacles for the opposing competitor, leading to much foul play from moving-road-block Yejin and upright-wall Sooro.

Meanwhile, Jongkook and Daesung strategize over sleep seson rankings as they pick vegetables in the greenhouse. The Family proceed to the beach to complete their first assigned task of digging for ssok crayfish. Highlights include Yejin jealously requesting no future female guests are invited, Hyori hoping the men treat her more as a feminine ‘baby’, and Jongshin wanting to be in more CFs like Chunhee.

During bedtime rankings, Chunhee endures a pitiful fall to nearly last place from a first-place finish during the previous episode and Hyori vietsjb for attention and votes from the Family men by performing the Wonder Girls song “So Hot”. In the morning, the wake-up mission calls for the members to catch a piece of paper while butting with their heads against Jaesuk’s.

Family Outing Ep 35 EngSub Choi Seung Hyun TOP from Big Bang

Jeongokri Village, HwaseongGyeonggi. After the game session, the rest of the Family continue with kimchi preparation while Jaesuk, Daesung, and Sooro mischievously head off to town to seek out other necessary ingredients.

As Hyori prepares the potato pancakes, the Family form lines for a bite, providing an opportunity for Jaesuk and Jongkook to do battle in excluding each other from eating the pancake. Wonhee acts the queen’s fzmily with Jongkook and Chunhee as they shop for pig skin and fashionable pants, while Hyori and Daesung manage to gorge on the beef while picking vegetables, confessing to the other members upon Wonhee’s confrontation. Yejin 11 Hyori then choose teams for a pinata-like game of breaking a paper-mache container of sawdust over a member seated underneath it.

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