Gyeongsangbuk-do is the homeland of the kingdom of Silla and has retained much of its cultural tradition. Highlights include Jongshin garnering repeated face splashings due to his unbecoming behavior and Hyesung attempting to woo both female Family members simultaneously. Island Chapter was produced by Japanese composers who worked with the Japanese band SMAP, selling over 79, copies in , it was the sixth best-selling album of the year. The Family gathers at the airport and set off for the village. The Family gather at the village, with Changeui revealing he attended school with Chunhee. The first season ended on February 14, , and a second season featuring a brand new cast, production team, and concept, aired until July 11, Dressing up in large latex bib pants, the Family men give each other wedgies, followed by a runway show, before everyone head into the river to catch mullets with large nets.

Later on, Sang-Ryeol come out from sleep and helped them prepared the breakfast. Yejin and Hyori then choose teams for a pinata-like game of breaking a paper-mache container of sawdust over a member seated underneath it. In the morning, the wake-up mission comprises trivia and a tickling test, with Jinwook and Jaesuk relegated to breakfast duty, where Jaesuk becomes increasingly frustrated with Jinwook’s inability to cook and barrage of non sequiturs. Joo Won, Hong Suk Chun. Highlights include the frequently errant throws from Jongshin and Hyuk and Jongkook pitifully enduring the sawdust falling on him. At the same time, the other Family members milk cows in the barn before returning home as Hyori and Daesung help to finish breakfast preparations, making some ice cream along the way.

After eating, the Family greet Hyori’s mother and sister, who happen to eepisode in town, then finish preparing the rice cake soup for the village elders.

On the beach, Sooro and Jongshin trade praises while directing Sungrok, as the other Family members dive for abalone. Wonhee selects Jaesuk and Daesung to assist her with breakfast preparation, with the three catching a chicken from the local farm after much consternation. Bing Site Web Outkng search term: The latest photo shows the year-old with brown hair – much darker than the photos circulating which show her with blonde locks – and a rounder face, presumably due to having recently given birth.


From Tantan Episofe Lover. The Trio goes to hair salon to do their “Boys Over Flower” hairdo. Selection indowebstrr members for nightly chores is done by a quiz and whoever gets the ffamily answer needs to get off the truck they are riding in and walk all the way back to the wharf. During the sleep order rankings, the Family role play to compete to be the most pitiful.

Meanwhile, the other members build a straw thatch-roof as part of their assignments. He became the member of Big Bang to make a solo debut in Japan after his bandmate Daesungs solo concert tour. These chores were typically menial tasks such as delivery, collection, or preparation of food.

They were co-managed in the United States by Creative Artists Agency, the group began their entry into the American market in as an opening act for the Jonas Brothers World Tour, performing the English version of their hit single Nobody. To conclude the episode, the last scene filmed from two weeks later shows the Family writing, practicing, and recording a personalized Family Outing theme song.


Hyori and Chunhee take turns climbing on each other’s backs while gathering chestnuts, with Chunhee painfully stepping barefoot on a thorny chestnut burr. After eating, the Family welcome the homeowners’ return. IslandTaeyeon Girls’ Generation. The group held their first concert, The Real, that December, followed by their debut album,3, the album went on to sell overcopies.

Dinner preparations feature 1 “Dumb and Dumber” infowebster difficulty deciding on how many pumpkin leaves to pick, 2 Jongshin, Jaesuk, and Hyesung attempting to properly season the soup, and 3 Chunhee being bossed around and nagged by the tandem of Hyori and Yejin.

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Lee Chun-hee[nb 1] [4] Kim Dong-wan Shinhwa. All members of the family were present for this special occasion.

They have sold over 4. Further preparing for dinner, Chunhee, Sooro, rpisode Changeui gather strawberries from a green house, while Hyori scolds Dumb and Dumber at home.

Later, back at the house, ouuting Family pop rice kernels to be served with molasses, with highlights including Jaesuk testing Jongkook’s patience as the latter teaches the Dumb MC how to operate the popping machine and Daesung delightfully accepting Yoona feeding him mouthfuls of the confection.


Carrying out the first assigned task, the Family catch fish in a nearby stream before heading to a local water iindowebster to perform acrobatic dives off a cliff. The groups leader, Taeyeon, was cast in after winning first place in the S.

When they reconvene, the Family proceed to prepare a large batch of kimchi before quickly cooking and enjoying dinner in the winter cold. Retrieved 1 September Halaman 1 dari Initially portrayed as a strong physical competitor, Jongkook is revealed to have poor luck and is in a perpetual “game slump”.

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Because he still new in family, the girls decided to placed him 2nd place as they outung awkward each others. Changeui, Chunhee, and Hyori gather mushrooms for the stew and Changeui and Hyori grow closer during cooking. Opening with Chunhee on a modeling shoot and Sooro preparing for college entrance exams, the Family gather at the village and enthusiastically welcome TOP.

Chun Hee lost in Morning Quiz and picked his nemesis aka his senior, Stepmother Kim as his assistant for preparing the breakfast.

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familly This show is an orientation for the new members. Jongkook joins the “Dumb and Dumber” tandem to dig for ginseng, while Sooro and Jongshin lounge about the house, directing Yejin in fire starting.

During dinner preparation, Rain overcomes his averseness to handling octopus with Yejin’s help, Dumb and Dumber can do nothing right as they endure combination scoldings from Yejin and Hyori, and Jongshin furtively prepares seasoning from store-bought marinade and ramyun powder.

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