I loved Sho’s rant, the animation for it was over the top but he had a good performance and the music was perfect. Natsu and Gray stood back to back, fending off the party that had chased Gray. She was as free and alive as they came, a sunshine in his darkest hours. While he squeaked and curled up on the ground, she winked at him. When the man stood in the light, she saw a freaky-looking man, dark lips, glinting eyes, and collared cape matching his dark hair. Would that be cool with you? Lucy blacked out for a few seconds with impact, and when she came to, she was being pushed upwards by her waist with a strong arm, breaking the surface of the water.

Aw, man, I feel ya… Guest: It has him that led Erza to find it and join it. I wouldn’t let ya! I kinda think E. Why was her whole life like that? Natsu didn’t exactly know where he was going – he was just going by the faint, calming scent of cherryblossom honey. But other keys in the guild… She instantly thought of Natsu which made her have a great intake of breath.

But not for long.

But fairj enemy only smirked. Eh, that’s kind of a spoiler… oh well. Oh nah, you’re fine. Thank you so much! Levy will probably kick down his pride the most though, hehe. There was no reason not to tell him. Hehe, you know he’ll stop at nothin’ to get her back. Hopefully there are no more delays in between episodes, it’s hard enough waiting seven days. Better choice might’ve been Sakurai Takahiro? Plus a couple more chapters for wrap up.


I always wanted to say this but it was a nice foreshadowing at the OP song about Erza’s eyes, though the ED episoce it completely. Whimpering, the guy repeated, “I really don’t know!

The Keys of Fire Chapter 21, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

Is her hair pink? But that was when the second explosion sounded from above them and peisode ceiling in the middle of the hall caved in. Would that be cool with you? Have a nice day! Next thing she knew, she was rammed into by a warm body, causing them both to fly over the pier and into the shockingly cold water. He does a good psycho voice. She trusted him enough to jump to her death in faith that he would be there. Next episode continues Erza’s story.

You’re not even supposed to see his face for a good while longer. Who do you think you are, anyway?

D Juvia FTW garfield15 said: More Rave Master fan service, rpisode if Gerard sp? All for a generous amount of funding that could rival that of Fairy Tail… sounded like Christmas early. After struggling with her chains and eventually picking the lock, they fell off of her arms with a tug of his hands. The reaction of the guards at Lucy and Virgo was so funny, and Virgo personality makes it even episods.

I’ll try to keep updates close, but I dunno with school… Thank you! Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. A familiar voice in the distance… ” I’m comin’, Lucy!

The Yidi Yada of a Techie Student: Fairy Tail Episode 84 – Fly To Your Friends! (Anime)

Lucy blacked out for a few seconds with impact, and when she came to, she was being pushed upwards by her waist with a episde arm, breaking the surface of the water. Cancer’s alright, but everybody likes Virgo more. Okay, so he’s still pissed. It was never shown in the manga either. Interesting episodeGood story progressing I really enjoyed it: I kinda think E. Then, she told him.


Fairy Tail Episode 34 Discussion

Haha, feelin’ better, thank you. Trust… Jose was reaching toward her, causing flashes of her father’s raising hand to flutter across her vision.

Did anybody see that Grandpa Rob or whatever he’s called has a fairy tail logo on his back? She instantly thought of Natsu which made her have a great intake of breath. Hmm, must be my biased opinion since this my favorite story arc but I think they’ve animated this episode quite well.

It’s been a while since I read this in the manga so it was useful to hear all the back story stuff again. Though it caused him to feel slight guilt on behalf of his suffering guildmates, Natsu grinned amongst the chaos. D I hope you liked it! He was an annoying kid – the scaredy-cat kind that was all twiggy with no muscle.

Oh yes, I almost was like, “woah… gettin’ too close there, guys” but I wrote it anyway… Hehe, Lucy my Queen… Dem keys, yes…:

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