Pinoy Gay Guy Confidential. However, some viewers may relate to Emilio Garcia’s torment and repression. Movie directed by Joven Tan. Eskandalo doesn’t have an issue to tackle; it only thinks it does. Marni’s chief executive Gianni Castiglioni and designer Consuelo Castiglioni 7 years ago. PIN 3 years ago.

Posted by TBR at 3: The victim Emilio Garcia is a year old virgin who is essentially pure of heart. Eskandalo, full movie – Full movie Gay Life in Asia. In Gown 3 years ago. Much of the controversy revolved around professional ethics — such as, why is it even allowed to video a patient inside the operating room? Philippines-Int’l 8 years ago.

Peta’s Rak of Mpvie, Rep’s August: VEGA 2 years ago. Simplicio Quebrino 11 years ago. A LIST 1 month ago. What was the best gay magazine of the decade ? DEAN 8 years ago. The pen marker insertion is essentially an act of rape.

Cruz Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, 1 year ago. Test Results 4 years ago. In Swimwear 5 hours ago. All that I love I view over once and once again. Bakla Ako, May Reklamo? Charlie Koon’s Film Review. My Blog is Blocked in Saudi Arabia! Eskandalo, full movie – Full movie Technical Massage Practice for All Men 5 years ago. Do you buy magazines with hot photos of men?


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Jersey Boys 4 years ago. As a film about a scandal, Eskandalo is toothless and not the slightest bit provocative. Hairspray 10 years ago. Happy and Gay goes to IG! An opening disclaimer tells us the story is completely fictitious, and true enough, the film did seem like it was pulled out from someone’s ass, not from real life. Once Upon a Time Sinehan. Eskanxalo and Matronas Favorite. Please, contact us for any questions. A Different Kind of Love Triangle 10 years ago.

Bronzki’s Videos 8 years ago. Will Sandejas Scandal 7 years ago.

Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan 9 years ago. Movie directed by Joven Tan. Best Of Men’s World. By being safe and obvious, the film avoids any real thought or discussion, which is a disservice really. Much of the controversy revolved around professional ethics — such as, why is it even allowed to video a patient inside the operating room?

Which recent movie deserves to be included in the list of best macho dancer movies? Urging Photo of the Day PIN 3 years ago.

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This is a story that doesn’t raise questions. Decide what to watch and get the advantage of the Smart TV that you bought in that offer!. Ian Batherson 5 years ago.


The Sound of Bakyas Stomping. Freedom Fries 4 years ago.

ESKANDALO (2008) – Watch Movie Online

Hottest Boys In Town. But I still couldn’t recommend a movie that packages the sentiments of a repressed homosexual into a shrug: Tourtiere Recipe 5 months ago. Posted by TBR at 3: G Film rated apt for all eskandalp. Would our feelings for the victim be different if he were a homosexual who freely practiced his sexuality? Pinoy Gay Guy Confidential.

Subscribe To Posts Atom. Of course, we will root movoe a virgin who gets raped. Without commercial breaks, the full movie Eskandalo has a duration of 75 minutes; the official trailer can be streamed on the Internet. Burning Lee Chang Dong 4 days ago. Dispatches from Cinemalaya Part 3 1 year ago.

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