Thinking how I lived not able to breathe, it really pisses me off. Seriously, they just let Jang Bin be murdered without us seeing his slain body? Link is in this post 3rd paragraph. Mama J October 23, at It’s “Because it’s you” by One Piece. I was dead and then came back to life and replayed it again x infinity: Now are you curious how Choi Young cure his frozen self?

In epi 25 Hwata 3rd relic the mini projector. Faith , featured , Kim Hee-sun , Lee Min-ho. Okay, I think my liking for this show has passed beyond all reason. His portrayal of King Gongmin is by far my favorite king character of all. No other dramas has made me feel this way before. Your heartfelt descriptions of events and the acting of the main actors are praiseworthy. It’s got to the point where the only reaction I can muster is ‘What

I think there could be more twists and plots for power take overs. Also how can we forget the way they gossips about their daejang and Eun Soo?

But one day, Choi Young Lee Min Ho29 kidnaps her and takes her back to the Goryeo era because needing her medical skills. Sin Ui English title: So do I love the happy ending?

If history is diverging from what we know it as So, his first sword drop Not surprisingly, it takes a while. What kind of crap is that?


The Great Doctor Episode 21 – 신의 – Watch Full Episodes Free – Korea – TV Shows – Rakuten Viki

I did wish that the long flashbacks used in the final can be turned into useful scenes but I think they have to use those flashbacks due to time constraint.

Does he know what the letters mean? Things that Eun Soo did to Choi Young in the earlier episodes, now Choi Young is doing it in the later episodes and vice verse. Now, the hand-shaking issue.

The development of the love story between Choi Young and Eun Soo is beautifully written.

A casual reference that Jang Bin has been despatched somewhere for his medical skills to explain his absence or one super awkward sequence which has him killed off screen??? I loved when CY grabbed the bow, shot the arrows and pinned Firegirl to the wall. The drama that was so good but ended up in the pit hole due to bad writing towards the end.

Episode 22

Eun-soo leaves Woodalchi headquarters with her retinue of bodyguards, all while regaling them epiosde the story of Chun-hyang. You don’t make yourself look like that with a healthy self image.

Or did Eun-soo trick them? My first Korean drama is Rooftop Prince which I like very much. Reply Che-Cheh April 23, at 7: And only memories will bring those moments to life.


Their expectation is to swap the kings, and then Ki Chul can turn his attention to the bloodshed to follow. I agree with javabeans: Heart dropped down to my feet.

The Great Doctor – 신의 – Watch Full Episodes Free – Korea – TV Shows – Rakuten Viki

I really enjoy reading the recap before watching the episode. Glad you share my sentiment. Fyi, Faith started making headlines in mid regarding the lost of its main male actor, Lee Jun Ki to military service while Kim Hee Sun is already signed on as the lead actress. A kiss we thought was coming, and the action stopped. Noguk asks when she and the king will be able to conceive again, which is exactly the sort of question Eun-soo struggles to answer.

You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Reply kiki January 22, at 1: Did I miss out on anything? All the scenes where he walks down the hallway with the tall Woodalchi’s behind him make me smile.

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