The 12 remaining players prepare for the Partner Selection, although Briana Vega steadfastly refuses to be paired with Kyle Curtis, leading to some drama. Want to be on the show? In that challenge, each team must untangle themselves from a fence to claim a color. Why you should watch The Voice, World of Dance and more! Little sad that my favorite High Sierras isn’t complete but super happy that you have most of it. In the end, the Yellow Team wins and gets the power to make Super Teams. This will be determined by the five teams who had been eliminated already, and Blue earns the most votes, awarding them the advantage; in the final Temple Mission, each team must untangle a pair of tethered balls on a log. Tom gives the Yellow Team his Perseverance piece, putting them back in the game.

If the pole touches the ring, the ring will catch fire and that team is out. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the physical game, Caleb, Jonathan, Jordyn and Will must stay atop a ring as long as possible, with whomever lasting the longest winning control over the other team going to Temple. Garret and Anna leave the Triangle of Immunity to the Purple Team, much to Aeriel’s chagrin; the seven teams compete in their first Endurance Mission, with the Leadership piece and Samadhi on the line. Instead the winning team will make Super Teams three teams on each to compete against each other in the following Temple Mission. The source for the higher quality episodes stopped responding out of the blue and didn’t send the remainder: The teams must then pull their rafts to the other side of the lake and grab their team flag.

The last one standing wins their team the Discipline piece and the power to choose two opposing teams that will form their Super Team in tomorrow’s Encurance Mission.

Season 4, Episode 12 February 27, The final 3 play in their last Temple Mission, where they must jump over their team-colored bars as they swing down at them. Some teams had zero strategy and some had some great strategy.



The first 3 girls and guys to let go are automatically eliminated. You can access the Reddit Survivor Discord here. I was wondering, had anybody ever traveled to the Tehachapi Mountains to see the team poles that were decorated? Before they compete in the Final Temple of Fate, Alex, Cealey, Dakota and Kelsey are rewarded the Karma piece as a reminder of everything they’ve accomplished in the game this will be introduced as a piece in the subsequent season premiere. In the end, the Yellow Team wins and gets the power to make Super Teams.

In the season premiere, 20 strangers arrive at their new home in the Tehachapi Mountains for the entire season. Season 4, Episode 8 January 23, Season 4, Episode 5 November 26, Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor. Season 4, Episode 1 October 1, Season 4, Episode 15 March 25, The winner receives the Purple Team’s Strength piece, the Samadhi, and the option to trade their trip for a chance to go to Costa Rica.

In a vote decided by the four eliminated teams, Blue is awarded the Karma pyramid piece, giving them four pieces going into the championship. The Blue Team manages to score their last victory before the final challenge, and the Red Team becomes the last team to leave the island.

In the end, Max throws the challenge and allows Purple to win, tying them for first place with Blue. Tom ends up failing without his partner and the Purple Team wins, sending Tom and the Yellow Team to temple.

In the Endurance Mission, the remaining four teams build an aqueduct as the title suggests using different sized pieces from the end to the barrel. In the final mission of Endurance: The dots must match in order for a team to win. Meanwhile, Orange and Green form a secret alliance with the goal of controlling the game and making the final two, and at the end of the episode, J. In the end, the Green Team wins, continuing their legendary winning streak, and then argue fiercely over who should get the Samadhi.

Season 4, Episode 6 December 3, At The Rock, they give the Samadhi to the Yellow Team, but when given the decision to remove it, they pull it completely out of the game, creating a level playing field for the final Temple Mission. However, at The Rock, the season’s official meeting place, the Blue Team betrays their own alliance by giving the Samadhi to the Orange Team. If they let go, their partner is dropped in the water, eliminating their team, and the last team holding on wins the opportunity to send two teams to the Temple of Fate.


At the Temple of Fate, one team is eliminated from the competition.

Gray wins their third mission, making their lead of pyramid pieces insurmountable for the Yellow and Orange teams. At the Temple, despite depending on their Luck piece, the Orange Team becomes the third team to leave the island.

Was a huge fan of show and loved watching when I was younger and even tried out unsuccessfully. Shockingly, the plan backfires and the Gray Team is the first to be eliminated.

Twenty kids travel to a secret location to compete for the title of Endurance 4 Champion. If either player falls, they restart, and whoever reaches the finish line first wins the Discipline piece and Samadhi. If they fall, they must start from the beginning. The last one standing wins.

Endurance Fandom

Yellow leaves their Perseverance piece to Red, creating a three-way tie between them, Blue and Orange. In the end, the Green Team wins, putting them in first place with Red, who receives the Samadhi, which contains a ten-foot rope, epiaode the Purple Team ends up finishing last, putting them in great danger.

Hawaii and am currently having an existential crisis no big deal. The 12 remaining players prepare for the Partner Selection, although Briana Vega steadfastly refuses to be paired with Kyle Curtis, leading to some drama.

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