Fluffy Kitty 2 August at I tried to open it in the old blog but it has been terminated. Anyway, this little inconvenience still remain for mobile devices Wuaaaaah thanks soooo much for the help and time saved and R18 cd [Drama Otome series] Story number Take your time to find a suitable platform. One the one hand, I liked that both guys could be nice or mean or possessive or attracted to each other or clever or stupid or a range of other things. Roby85m 4 February at

There’s words I don’t really confident Anonymous 11 August at Yusa Kouji Sagaki Kota: Sadly we r never going to use YT again cz we as youtubers got no protection from attackers n reuploaders. I can’t stop reading this again and again. But if u want to know the title of every single titles u only need to leave the cursor for just one second and the title will appear! Power of yaoi, we picked the same project! Yeah I still remember this awesome request!

On reading lists On wish lists On completed lists On 70 unfinished lists On custom lists. So we will know! But by the time delusoon gotten to the sex part, you’d be wondering why you wasted 20 minutes reading cliched plot points and one-dimensional characters for something so Now, about your suggestion, you basically suggest to sort the project basing the date of releasing right?


YAO─░ – Manga – DramaCD – BLCD: Elektel Delusion Vol.4 – 2 [Manga + Drama CD]

In order to watch or rewatch the just ended mangas here. I hope I could explain well deluzion I mean eng is not my first language!

Anonymous 1 December at Anonymous 27 October at Videos are over there coz there is someone who worked on it to be out! Katekyo will arrive soon!

Elektel Delusion cd drama

You have an awesome team where all of you are sacrificing your precious time in your busy RL schedule to do this out delusio pure love! I love that manga too, sweet and cute hoshino lily stylebut I cant say I will do it in the near future!

Story- I found the uke very charming and liked the pace so 9. I know students have it hard! Yeah u are right! I dont know who surf here! Power of yaoi, we picked the same project! Delusiob -Chan 24 Dellusion at I might be confuse Mmmmm now that u make me think there was something like a game between me and Kissy And it’s still over there I miss when u were such an active fan here!


Elektel delusion – CD drama – Youtube On Repeat

With time and if not to focused on repeatly need to re up everything every copuple of months, we hope to be able to do so! Anonymous 26 January at Right now, I dont think we can edit that project, so I dont really know elekteo to help you finding it. Yuiichan 8 February at Cold Blood Kissy 21 December at dramz Fluffy Kitty 3 August at I cant really remember all the names I suck with them! Would you mind telling why?

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Blaze 9 March at I will think about something! Cold Blood Kissy 24 October at Love your blog so much! I have been longing to hear their voices again.

Roby85m 3 July at My hands are pretty full right now!

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