After her release, with her daughter severely injured in tears, Sajida loses control and savagely stabs Imtiaz. Afrooz Arsh’s mother asks Ahmed Arsh’s father to convince Arsh for marriage. Actress Bushra Ansari revamped classic Punjabi Pakistani songs. After Averaging a viewership of 70 Thousand viewers till episode seventeen, the eighteenth episode gained a record breaking viewership for the series of Meeran finally gets a new house. They go to Lahore and approach Sheeda.

You should be proud of it rather than feel horrible about it. Milli convinced Arsh and Haris to search for a female vocalist. It is shown that Imtiaz’s gambling partner, Jamshed eye witness of Zebo’s rape incident griefs his pain in front of his wife and daughters grave. Retrieved January 19, The Series dominated the Top No. Imtiaz drops the food Sajida prepares for Zebo, Imtiaz raised hand which was stopped by her. Sheedan and Meeran are deeply hurt and tearfully break all their ties with Sajida.

Retrieved 30 June Meeran apologises to Sheedan for her doings. Seeing such iniquity they had faced, she ends her despise with Sajida and encourages her. readibg

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Upon his arrest, he escapes police custody and goes to his corrupt senior posts who left him. Milli showed Arsh and Haris the video she recorded, she tried convincing them to meet Meeran. Meeran finally gets a new house.

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Afrooz Arsh’s mother asks Ahmed Arsh’s father to convince Arsh for marriage. Meera and Arsh come even closer leading for their marriage, Sajida is welcomed home followed by Meera and Arsh’s engagement.

Udaari was initially planned to be released in after completion of filming but Duraid decided to release it in to bring Hum TV ‘s Sunday slot on better position to face Retrieved 22 Onlihe Illyas’s e, hates Meeran and shows disrespect for her family.

Sajida gets suspicious over Imtiaz’s harsh attitude for Zebo and changes her attitude with him. The story now depicts Sajida’s fight for her daughter.

Sajida is angry on Zebo and asks her leave, Zebo hhi her that she will always fight for herself and will live as a survivor, Arsh assures Sajida that he will always support Zebo. The story now stands against the societal Issues of politics who support gangsters for their benefit, It also highlights the fact that Police S.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 3 finds out about Sheedan moving to Lahore, Imtiaz badmouths them which makes her uncomfortable. In Lahore resides the group of four youngsters Arsh, Maliha, Haris and Farwa, four of them plan to start their music carrier together.

Tere Lot Aane Tak May 30, 8, 0. Milli and her mother Mishaal who runs an NGO visit the village for a wedding where she sees Meera tearfully singing and records her music. The next morning Arsh finds Meeran practising for their music and gets impressed by her song. But however meeran again rejected Arsh claiming that she will never marry anyone in her life this left Arsh heartbroken but he showed meeran respect saying that it is her right to reject him.

Udaari was originally decided to release in September after completion of filming in July ej post production delays, but instead Production decided to release it in April with approximately two months and 15 episodes far from the original broadcasting. Sheedan warns Sajida about Imtiaz but she insults her calling a Marasi and praised Imtiaz over her. Maleeha and the band get selected. Imtiaz cuts of as roaster with the same knife he showed Zebo episods killing Sajida after which she faints.

The band was given forty seconds to prove themselves after which they perform a difficult song, It impresses all the judges who gave them the thii of Top one band.

Aik Thi Mishaal

Jamshed shows all of the missing evidence to prove his point and eventually, in a range of fit Imtiaz blurts out the truth. On Its eighteenth episode Udaari moved further receiving 7. The entire conversation was being heard by Meeran who mushaal hurt and felt the same as she ones felt by Illyas’s mother, she left when Arsh saw her.

When Sajida visits her for her suggestion regarding marriage, she abuses her and asks her not to marry Imtaiz. The series depicts the lives of two neighbouring families in a village, and the struggle of a group of four friends living in the city, trying to pursue a music career.


Kutab Library: Aik thi Misaal by Rukhsana Nigar Adnan Episode 33 Online Reading.

Onlien Download This Novel in complete from click here. Sheedan reaches her village to take all her belongs and asks Ejaz to return the money back to Sajida which she ones borrowed as a loan, along this ejaz handover Meeran’s letter where she mentioned her house address, after this they left Multan forever and went to Lahore, Sajida gets sad.

Zebo starts living a depressing life, when she reaches home with her mother, Imtiaz slaps Sajida for not working again. Farwa and Maliha decide to attend their music recording session secretly without informing Farwa’s parents. Tahira aimed to start a business. My This Project Paksociety is now Pakistan’s no 1 website related to books.

Retrieved 1 May He always warned her to stop singing or he will break his relationship. On courts final hearings, Arsh finally manages to win Zebo’s case after Jamshed, Imtiaz’s reacing comes as an eye-witness on the last hearing to confess that he saw Imtiaz raping Zebo mizhaal the night of 21 April.

Meeran went to Arsh’s house to pick him up for lunch, this Irritated his mother who asked him to distance himself apart from meeran, Arsh revealed to her that he Is In love with Meeran after which his mother compared their standard terming her as a Marasi.

Zebo reveals that Imtiaz had raped her, Sajida is left shocked. The next day, Muneera, Arsh and Zebo finally get Zebo’s medical report from hospital records. Best Onscreen Couple – Popular. Best Drama Serial – Popular. After several minutes Imtiaz came out and opened Sajida who lost her control, she warns her to stay away and tells her that he will use Zebo whenever he wants, after mizhaal he went to sleep.

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