New Group Packages in the Western U. This environment will result in decreases in group sizes as planners exercise restraint on attendee counts; meanwhile, daily attendee costs will be flat as suppliers are forced to reduce prices to stimulate demand. This has been particulrly frustrating when we know that many of those same companies have been sitting on large cash reserves. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The projected expansion of total Chinese spending on business travel of In China, however, the economic slowdown of the past few years appears to be over—at least for now.

The Global Construction Industry — SlideShare Explore Search You. After making these adjustments, the international outlook paints a slightly less overcast picture. Central and South America are expected to see slight overall increases in the number of attendees for meetings in the region. However, according to the IMF, growth in the euro area will still be held back by the very weak economies in the periphery. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. A growing body of robust and reliable data is emerging, as our industry increasingly understands the importance of undertaking rigorous research into the changing trends and influences that affect demand for our facilities and services.

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Seen in this light, two sectors now present a particularly more positive outlook: The mood of our industry, as reflected in the conclusions of the vast majority of the surveys used in the compilation of this report, has changed to one of quiet optimism.

Brazil has doubled its annual car production relortto 3. It predicts that pent- up demand will eventually create a major surge in travel to secure new customers, but speculates that companies may choose to prioritize cost control over investment for yet another year. Learning from the crash – A hotelier’s perspective. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


But as many of the reasons for the Euro crisis and the recession are not solved yet—unstable banking systems, over-indebtedness, the architecture of the Eurozone, and difficult access to credit in southern Europe— Deloitte believes that it is far from impossible for the Euro crisis to return.

But fuller venues in have seen buyers increasingly missing out on preferred places and dates.

Wherever in eibgm world economic activity in any of these key sectors is found to be growing, the benefits for the meetings and events industry will naturally follow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Inthe number of plants operating below this level is forecasted to increase to 58 percent, a sharp rise of 50 percent 201 just two years.


This has been particulrly frustrating when we know that many of those same companies have been sitting on large replrt reserves. The survey results predicted similar trends, with Europe and Asia leading the charge with a 2. The International Monetary Fund now expects a global growth rate of 2.

EIBTM 2013 Trends Watch Report

After two years of contraction, the EIU expects growth in the region to finally resume inalthough at just 0. I hope that you find it useful in the work that you do. But fuller venues in have seen buyers increasingly missing out on preferred places and dates. To summarise, even if there appears to be little prospect that the BRIC economies will ever return to the roaring levels of growth that had come to seem normal a few years ago, there is growing evidence of improved economic sentiment in global markets as 201 whole, and the recovery from the crisis continues, albeit at a frustratingly repport pace.

These five markets together form the lion’s share of business travel in the region, nearly 70 percent, and act as a good barometer of the 203 of the entire European business travel market.

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Eibym, almost all forecasts for indicate tdends levels of optimism and growth in these three sectors, albeit modest. There is also evidence of growth in the number of association meetings being held worldwide, as the total number of meetings in the UIA database for and those included in the report grew four percent year-on-year, compared withwith countries and 1, cities represented. Spain, Italy and France will all see their business travel markets contract in by Italy, which was ranked 11th inhas repprt out of the top 20, down to rank 22 in By way of contrast, the economic crisis in Greece has meant that DDRs in Athens have reduced by almost 15 percent in the four-star market and 11 percent in the five-star market.

Bolstered by a strong tourism industry overall last year, the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy now plans to focus on the business events sector, through the creation of a dedicated Directorate of Special Interest Tours, Convention, Incentive and Events Development, which will continue to work on existing mature destinations, such as Bali and Jakarta, wtch also develop new destinations for this sector.

Over the past 12 months, there have been numerous indications that companies are increasingly loosening their purse-strings and boosting their spending on corporate events. The first concert I went to is still the best one for me: However, those global figures mask widely divergent performances of the automotive sector in different world regions. But the economic recovery, if that is what it is, seems too tentative and patchy for us to expect instant benefits for our industry.


The Advito Industry Forecast notes that incentive travel has grown even faster than regular meetings over the past year — perhaps in part due to the fact that as a business events sector, it suffered more cutbacks than others at the height of the financial crisis. The results showed that a total of 83 percent of respondents were optimistic about the trading outlook for the remainder ofwhile 82 percent felt the same about Providing further detail on the levels of corporate demand for European venues, the Grass Roots Meetings and Events mid-year report on European meeting rates showed that growth remains linked to geography and market positions, and the agency anticipates a 6 percent increase in meetings spend in Europe by the end of With so many of the top European assembly plants being under-utilized, the issue of overcapacity has increased at an alarming pace.

A key purpose of the EIBTM Trends Watch report is to synthesize this information and share the collective findings in a aatch document designed to inform you of the recent performance of our industry and the projected situation for the year ahead. Spain is the latest country to announce the return to a post-recession economy.

Exceptions trenda these trends at a country level are likely to include the UK and Germany, two bright spots in the region, which are expected to see increases in all three categories as a result of relatively stronger economies. Fora north-south divide in the Eurozone is still as apparent as it was last year, with negative performances in Italy, Spain and France contrasting with the growth rates of Germany and the Eeibtm. Accommodating contrasting Asian cultures.

ResearchEurope trwnds, Exhibitions. Almost half of the venues polled predicted growth of 5 percent in the next year — with financial and pharmaceutical sectors expected to be among the strongest-performing. Advito attributes this rebound to the fact that companies are increasingly recognising the importance of motivating their best salespeople.

Emerging market and developing economies are projected to expand by about 5 percent inas fiscal policy is forecast to stay broadly neutral and real interest rates to remain relatively low. Emerging market and developing economies are projected to expand by about 5 percent inas fiscal rtends is forecast to stay broadly neutral and real interest rates to remain relatively low.

Brazil’s major sporting events scheduled for next year are expected to be key drivers of the likely increased local meeting activity in the region.

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