This is probably her strongest build. However, if you can manage to run your buff beam through multiple towers at once it will greatly enhance all of your other towers, making them a lot more effective. Ah, my mistake, I misread that as orcs. You need your reflection and physical walls as well as the buff beams to be the strongest towers for this build because you will mostly be focusing on protecting the Eternia crystals. This item is incompatible with Dungeon Defenders. Approximately 6k damage per hit, with a harpoon firing about once every two and a half seconds.

If I happened to miss anything important, please feel free to leave comments. Upgrading HP upgrades your walls’ HP,, and increases the damage resistance of your buffed towers. Because of their high base damage, it is imperative to keep them firing at a quickened rate. Series EV Defenses- 1. This guide will cover how to build a DPS EV and go in depth into the stats and the working behind making one effective. The trick is to keep your warriors on hold-aggressive, while being far enough away from the front lines that they’ll mostly only target things that sneak inside the perimeter.

Just how well does that work? Increases overall health for wall towers, as well as charges for the offensive beams.

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I sometimes play this game on four player with my brothers and sisters and Series EV was able to tank Ogres and defend a crystal on her own while playing on Insane mode. This is probably her strongest build. EV Fck the stat breakdown, make one with 2k in all stats and you’ll have the same effectiveness as a full trans-geared dmg capped EV To help keep defenses alive you can also set down some tripwires and stun beams to help keep eev at bay.

Hello, I haven’t played that game for long and have some questions about how I should prioritise my stats for the different builders. Similar to the proton beam, but this one stuns enemies when they walk through it. It wont be the end of the world if you put your hero points into it, but then compensate with your GEAR. Her other advantage is that she gets two weapons for more stats, so with a large enough knockback stat on a staff, she could make use of the alternate charge attack to push back trash mobs.


To emphasize this point, I made a few guidw images to help us out. If you become a tank all you need to focus on is battling the ogres and bosses to help carry the burden of the fight. This item has been added to your Favorites. I know that stat priority also depends on playstyle. It’s a cheese idea, and I enjoy cheesing it.

Because this is guiide guide and I want to throw in an opinion, I will also mention a build I have come to fall in love with. Proton Beam and Decoy are situational at best, and although Proton Beam is pretty useful, it requires an unorthodox setup that a Squire’s Circular Slice or a Barbarian’s Hawk Stance doesn’t.

I agree that them not benefiting from attack speed is a bit of a downer, but at the same time it also offers a much easier tower to gear for. Showing 1 – 12 of 12 comments. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments or message me directly. Proton Beam also can slowly push away ogres, so there is that to consider.

Are the other stats somehow useful anywhere? Keep in mind this is purely for defensive structures, I don’t play many hero champions, so my knowledge is very limited in that regard.

In my maps, they’ve been working fine. However, if you can manage to run your buff beam through multiple towers at once it will greatly enhance all of your other towers, making them a lot more effective.

As the current meta stands, here is what most people are doing: Cost 30 mana and based on its length it costs 2 through 5 DU. If I happened to miss anything important, please feel free to leave comments. Huntress – You’re fine on this one as well.


Range – hardcap is 1k if I remember correctly or 1. Notify me of new comments via email. At the end of the day, I fully admit this is cheese. You need to focus on moving fast, repairing fast, and buffing all of the towers to make them stronger.

I would very much disagree with this section right here. All your stats should go into your Proton charge beam, attack and rundef.

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Series EV Special abilities 1. Health is useful, but not as something to prioritize for. Don’t really focus on health, because your a ranged character, and don’t worry about your abilities, even though hologram is a good distractor, you just won’t use it enough, and proton blast, really isn’t that good either, if you really want too, go for it, I’m not stopping you, but not much.

Beam damage, a little hero speed-it dunxef out at so let your gear do that, a little hero casting rate, as your armor will take care of that, a good amount of beam damage rate, and a decent amount of beam health. I personally chose to go with tower AoE over tower HP as evv stat, but it’s up to you which stat you go with. I will stress that this is solely something that has worked for me, and it has yet gide be confirmed by others in the community.

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