He has nothing but good things to say about the kit as well as the company. Is this the same company? With the heads fitted and a small port cut to eliminate a minor ringing it produced a deep, just-the-right-side-of dry note. Series 6 Snare Drums. Beneath the opening peal lurk surprisingly full notes which give an impression of depth, even on the smaller toms. All times are GMT

The snare is really crisp, 10″ Tom sounds great and I also like the pedals. It’s probably not low mass, but that’s really not that big of a deal. Send a private message to Mirkko. Love it in satin with the deep colors of the drums. Los Angeles, CA Posts: Tied in with the gloss lacquers is the black nickel hardware seen on the review kit, while the matt lacquers come exclusively with satin-coated chrome hardware. Last edited by ohiodrummer; at

If they are indeed made in China, then I suspect they are the same tet every other maple kit made in china uses. Bo Eder Platinum Member. Originally Posted by ohiodrummer Favorable review, though DC still seems to be struggling to make a name in the U. Is that throwoff clear?

These drums are engineered in Germany and produced under licence in China at a facilty that also makes drums for Pdp and Ludwig. This fusion saw DrumCraft win a prestigious Red Dot award an international design competition presided over by 30 judges in I was interested in their Series 8 birch kits, but one USA drum shop told me that they were going out of business.

All this metal means that the drums are not the lightest examples you’ll encounter, but there is something reassuringly solid in such an attribute.


Chosen initially for their stunning appearance, acrylic drum shells offer much more than just looks. That is some really interesting hardware.

With the heads fitted and a small port cut to eliminate a minor ringing it produced a deep, just-the-right-side-of dry note. Drumcfaft edited by ohiodrummer; at Originally Posted by Eric.

Will post with performance results as available. Send a private message to Axe. Originally Posted by keep it serles Lovely playing! Once outside the area of the dot some of the drmcraft is traded for a looser, more open feel. Originally Posted by Mirkko You’r lucky! Scoop on Drumcraft Drums? The 7mm extruded seamless transparent acrylic shells of DrumCraft bring back the good old times of Rock’n’Roll how it was meant to be.

Originally Posted by keep it simple. The snare is really crisp, 10″ Tom sounds great and I also like the pedals.


Find all posts by GruntersDad. One of the members here, from Italy I think, is an endorser. Send a private message to lildrummer Send a private message to Vintagefade.

Looks killer Indi Vet. They call this design a Bauhaus-style, but for me it’s art-deco. Once i had the chance to try some of their stuff,i realized how good they were My first kit was A Drumcraft back in Series 5 Drum Kits. I have played his birch kits and they are excellent quality drums and bidch sweet. Find all posts by HMNY. German engineered, produced in Asia.

Furthermore the patented snare strainer is very stable and reacts very smoothly. I think I like the bass drum claws the most and the snare lugs the least but they are still sweet. Some products discussed here may not be available outside the USA. I just played a festival in Florida last weekend and one of sdries drummers from another band is a DrumCraft endorser. Sent for review is a maple-shelled kit from the range-topping Series 8.


That looks so sweet. All-access interviews, in-depth gear reviews and world-class tuition with the UK’s best-selling drum magazine. Congratulations and how do they sound compared to other recent kits you’ve had. Find all posts by scorch whammin. Send a private message to scorch whammin. From what I have learned about the drumming industry, tons of companies source hardware lugs, stands, you name it from Taiwan, including the likes of Pork Pie, I believe.

Sreies absolutely loved it, and I’m kind of hard to please.

Drumcraft Series 8 Maple Kit review

Find all posts by Vintagefade. DrumCraft is a relatively new drum brand conceived by German music industry giant Gewa. The only qualm I have with it is the throw, however, that can be replaced with one that is built like a Tank.

Find all posts by braincramp. Drums All about Drums and Drum Kits. seeries

The drums themselves were quite good and pretty much equal to the Remo roto toms I also had. Is this the same company? Inevitably it’s at its most responsive at tunings towards the higher end of the scale, but still remains bitingly keen at lower tensions.

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