You are commenting using your Twitter account. And yes, yay for an epic cast,: It’s only when her popularity hits really low and she’s no longer known as a famous idol, then it began to dawn upon her what it is she really wants to do with her life. It’s because of all these that enables him to enjoy a true sense of joy and freedom. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. Hence, as a trainee, when she has failed to meet the grades, she felt as though her whole world has collapsed.

So I’m gonna see my lovely jiyeon again in the future. Cast – Dream High 2. Posted December 22, Filming for the cameo scenes in between their schedules, increasing anticipation as to how they will make their respective entrances into the drama. Dream High is my all time musical drama I can’t wait for this sequel! Posted December 26, Kang Sora is as cute as the popular child star Seo Hyun. It looks like HANrel is gone for good, the company that made them is banning them from webhards.

Possessing both the passion and the drive to work hard, she’s drream someone who is blessed with natural talent. Park Seo Joon Main Cast.

That’s the type of person she is. He is also someone who possesses a very strong and resistant personality. Be it whether is dancing, singing or rapping, he seems to be competent in everything he’s doing. Jeong Jinwoon Main Cast.

Dream High 2

The next day, all the students assigned to the decelerated class are told to a board a bus and taken to a destination unknown to them. Currently studying in a degenerating school like Kirin Arts Academy, he feels it’s more important epiaode him to continue working on his music composition instead.


Neither does he want to see himself messing up dramacrazg life, making mistakes he shouldn’t be making and being all panic-stricken, he would often be seen practising hard in front of the mirror.

Yoo So Young Supporting Cast. She’s a fast learner who can pick things up very quickly. Dramas with heart, funny moments, dance, songs and good looking people are really my favourite!! If she were to give up so easily just because her self-esteem has been hurt a couple of times, she wouldn’t be Shin Hye Sung then.

Log in with Hign. Despite their tight schedules, all of them would like to give their support to Season 2 of the drama. Park Jiyeon Main Cast. Dream High 2 Episode 2. Archived This topic is now archived higj is closed to further replies.

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They fight to become the sun, the center of the solar system around which everything revolves. TV Dream High 2. That’s the kind of person JB is. Star News, Sure Magazine Source: She regards every Kirin student she meets with disdain and wariness as they might turn out to be some stalker who would post all kinds of content online and share them with fellow users.

Her punishment is the rather tedious task of shoe shining while wearing a sign that states her offense in the cold winter weather. Star News via Nate Article from Allkpop. Park Seo Joon Main Cast. In spite of all that he’s done, this has not caused his feelings of uneasiness to be reduced.


Park Jiyeon Main Cast.

However, he would often experience this sense of uneasiness and loneliness for no unfounded basis or reasons at all. Living drream this world where one finds himself being surrounded by many different types of beautiful and great music, Yoo Jin’s dream is to continue producing his own favourite pieces of music. By Prettysup Started November 9, I really don’t know about what the connect with Dream High and Dream High With a month left to the first broadcast, we will do our best to protect the identities of the env.

It only adds on more to his anxiety and causes him to be more sensitive than before. Anyway, good luck to the cast!

Log in with Email. He would always cherish the thought that “I’m far more talented and competent than you” and because of this mindset, it would inadvertently lead to more conflicts and rivalry between the two.

Even if no one appreciates my music, on a moonlit night, where one can see the pale light of the sb moon shining down on us while being immersed in my world of music, that’s how life should be. Dream High 2 Episode 9. They are trying to turn legal and are not uploading their RAWs to the webhard services, which means no HANrels down the line.

Jung Yeon Joo Supporting Cast.

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