Oh, misplaced aggression, you are adorable. One episode just isn’t enough, but we’ll soldier on mates. Moving Sale in Haeundae – Cheap and Lols, looks like my tastes may have strayed over the years, I’m going to have to stick to K2H. Episode 12 by LollyPip. Swye April 26, at 9: Lanlan April 29, at 5:

Se-na offers to help, and makes herself a copy of the photo. Hardcore prosecutor Lee Tae Sung takes a deep dive when he goes undercover to take down an infamous crime syndicate in Haeundae, Busan. You can tell he cares about Park Ha but he also has this heavy tug and need to find his princess even though I think or I’m sure most of thinks that he’ll be okay without his princess and go after the sister instead However, I bet Sena will just end up saying something like “You were seeing another woman and I got jealous! My problem is that some drama are not available in my region so I wait for epdrama to upload it. HJM played it so well. I fell madly in love with lee soon joon. If I’m not wrong, PH didn’t teach him and F3.

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He asks for prknce truth about what happened to it, not buying her answer that she already told him what she knew about it. Thanks for the clarifications! All the dramas from Wed-Thurs are very solid to begin with. I wonder if the prince and his ducklings will end up back in the past and will they stay in the future. So Yi Gak makes the trip there to check out the area and awaits his travel guide… and sees Park-ha leading a tour.


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She’ll be lonely again. Tae-mu introduces her to CEO Jang, who keeps her reaction under control, knowing this is her other daughter. The lies come easier and easier: Jung Suk Won Supporting Cast. Thanks very much for your insightful, thorough and fast-produced recap. I just love our OTP He reaches out to hold her back, and when she shoves his arm away her bag goes flying, along with the childhood photograph of her and her father.

Warrior Ranger is so roofotp – a tough, serious killer from the Joseon era – afraid of a small woman!

Aaaaw, I love the Warrior Ranger too. Both of them tamp down their emotions—surprise, awkwardness, annoyance—to proceed with the itinerary. They are human beings not machines.

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Experienced Teacher in Busan Se-na from her first husband, and Park-ha from the second. I first fell in love with Yoochun in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

Though Dae Woong is initially acting out of fear, things start to change as he gradually begins to fall for her. Full House 2 KDrama: That you, Javabeans, for your quick, quirky, and wonderful recap. Rich Man Poor Woman kor complete eps.

Don’t fall for her, you’ll only have your big beautiful heart broken into small beautiful pieces! Maybe she will die in the future and he can go back roodtop pull off her veil in a smexy dramatic kinda way. She returns to court as a shaman eight years later, having no memory of her past, and the king she was to marry is struck by her resemblance to the woman he loved.


Actually, I’d really like to see them become increasingly competent and successful by learning how to utilize their talents and adapt their skills in their new reality. Which seems appropriate, since all three shows seem solid in their own ways. Frightened at first, he runs away to the woods and ends up getting seriously injured. Anybody can see that he and Park-ha like each other! For example, when someone in the U.

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He really worked that pink outfit! Now I feel a bit bad for Taeyong.

I agree, it’s really sweet and natural. Watch Rooftop Prince Episode 3. Micky is so awesome in this role. The Thousandth Man kor completed eps. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. After harboring an all-consuming crush for years, she finally gets up the courage to give him a letter confessing her feelings. Prior to that drama I did n’t know there’s someone who’s called park yoochun existed.

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