Surely the day will come, will come the curse on the kingdom! In this game you have to compare which of our candidates are better looking husband. The other animals that were looking on also seemed to smile. Suddenly something aught his attention. They help each other. What should we do Kandha?

Now I can fulfill the mandate to be the queen’s father ‘. Surel wajib Alamat takkan pernah dipublikasikan. Kakaklah reasonable ” Purbasari emerge and people memadangnya amazement. Hey rarang, Purbasari fact I chose to be a queen. And who is their friends?? Diposting oleh Anisyatus Sholihah di

After that, Lutung meditates and suddenly transformedinto a very handsome young man, a lot more handsome than Indrajaya. How could very surprised Indrajaya: And the story ended happily.

Lutung Kasarung

King appeared paced look strange happened to his daughter. Purbasari bertanya apakah dia akan dii1inkan pulang ke rumah. Indrajaya some are there, come hidden with the daughters and the women. First the waiter parse Purbararang daughter hair and measure it. I once promised, anyone who returns selendangku, I’ll make my life companion.

Pada kebudayaan suku Sunda kebudayaan And they lived happily ever after My body has recovered! That plan was success. Purbasari pensive daughter heard her sister’s challenges. King looks back and forth to see strange things happen to her daughter.


King was named prabu tapa agung. So he ordered his soldier to kill Pohai and the baby. Because of the high Purbararang daughter and daughter as the jury declared Purbasari Purbasari daughter back to win.

Whether this really you? I’m also a lot of friends here. Suddenly all looked in horror to where Utung stand. But Purbararang daughter insisted on carrying out the third race. On a glorious day fell ill and he wanted to abdicate.

Drama Lutung Kasarung versi English

The new queen coronation took place lively but reverent. The young man stood proudly in the middle of the field, protect the princess daughter Purbararang Purbasari of reach. Yes udahlah, we see only the next story.

There were no traces of any skin ailments. Drama Bahasa Inggris 6 Orang. He asked the monkey to accompany him back to the palace. The first race is. I’ll make him suffer ” The animals had been told by lutng monkey hiding Kasarung order. A soldier with a very sharp blade running will do their job.

Purbasari duke left alone, at first she felt lonely. Naskah Drama – Ibu Documents. Arriving at the royal plaza, some soldiers holding and tying monkey Kasarung. It is definitely the winner should Purbasari daughter.


In that place, there stood a young man whose good looks and kegagahannya hard to describe in words. Purbararang daughter helped tens palace cook while only accompanied the princess Purbasari U Tun. I now realize was more worthy of this crown on your head. Then Purbasari become a queen and married Lutung. Purbararang was rude and dishonest while Purbasari was kind and caring. He was escorted by the Patih.

Lihat semua pos milik mandvimaceo. Salaka latrines, bathing with golden showers and marble floors and walls.


Are you going to be a queen with a face so ugly. Oranf has many friends, but not human, but animal people. Because this is the third race to determine who is most handsome couple and handsome. Girl was waiting there and need help.

Time passed, and the relationship between Purbasari Utung increasingly familiar.

With those considerations Prabu Tapa Agung nally chose Purbasari to be his successor.

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