Mahir arrived at the Courthouse… Suna asks him what is going on, why is he here? I left my husband and came here for my daughter, consequently for you too. I have no idea. Mahir was with you during the incident. And if I pushed the court on duty, I will arrest him until the main trial. Of course, based on the strife that is between him and Sinan Bey.

Do this in order for justice to be served. It is correct, previously there was a strife between them, but my client did not kill Sinan Koca. Yani to enjoy life together. I took everything from there too. No, I did not see. If that is the case, then do not overlook the possibility that this could be a trap, Adnan Bey.

The boss will manage if he returns, but of course if you finish your karadagi properly and then we will have no problem. I catch and put murderers and smugglers in prison, I interrogate big men, but I cannot win the heart of a young girl, what is this Kemal? He came to the newspaper several times and created a problem.

Karadayi Episode 73 On Urdu 1

Mahir was with you during the incident. She cannot understand it. But Feride… She still has hope. We heard a lot of talk, tell me it is all a lie. Tell me from the beginning please. Yes komiserim, I took the news for printing. But, her statement is not valid too because Mahir Kara did not tell kadadayi anything. Feride was waiting for her father He told our colleagues to bring him to the court for his statement.


I do not know more than that.

You stop asking and questioning and answer me; where were you until now? I do not believe it. Now we have Seyis also. Of course, efendim, as you like. The car is in front of the shop. But your conscience will not allow you to punish an innocent person. And if I pushed the court on duty, I will arrest him until the main trial.


We will bring this to light. You will do it Mehmet Saim bey.


Feride does not concern me. But after learning about eoisode matters, and as long as you will not change your actions. We closed the crime scene until you arrive. Could you leave me alone with Mahir Bey if you do not mind? Do we have a suspect?

Mahir bey; If you cannot prove what you have said, I will request a trial for attempting a murder. I do not know, may someone benefit from his death.

Feride… Open your eyes Feride. What you said held me back. Should I prepare the lunch table?

I will say he does not and did not do it and feel so proud in front of all people specifically my father. I have a request for you. Definitely I will not do such a thing after 40 years of marriage. There is no one here by that name.


I will make it short. You will come after me saying I fell in love komiser, episkde do I tell the girl. Deama, I am sad twice as much. I wish if I can come too Nazif. You cannot be serious. Kara family at home… NJr: You are also in love after all.

Since we will work together we should know each other very well not to make each other mad.

karadayi episode 73 on urdu one

He was released because of general Amnesty. I have accepted that.

How do we know if he is telling the truth? Necdet having 7 Sinan in his office and fleeing the crime scene You realise that this is not good enough. Neither Mahir is accused for the crime nor Sinan is dead. It has an excellent taste.

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