The story was refreshing and grabbed me at the first few episodes but I’m getting less and less excited about the relationship of the OTP. He looks back at her, but his expression is indiscernible if he recalls her now or not. Or the girl marry the other boys at the end! This girl was so sincere and brave. He continues that patients are likely to forget the trauma surrounding the accident or persons involved. P that always helps thanks so much for the recaps and now i have a whole spew a new dramas to watch:

I mean I want to know how their futures panned out as well. He’s caught my eye since Heartstrings with a good performance in a smaller role there. You know that pain that goes ear to ear behind your eyes down to your throat? I’m not a fan of the screenwriter, but I have to note that BOF’s selective amnesia wasn’t really her idea.. The photos all the way from childhood to the present leave Yi-seul a bit uncomfortable in her seat, knowing that Baek-ho recalls none of it. We made it to the end!!! I admit being a sucker for beauty makes me love him, but I think he must have a something else, too, that he can send over the airways into my heart. The pretty, I think, was this drama’s redeeming feature.

Baek ho doesn’t only have Yi Seul but he has these people who support him without his knowing.

Man, why is episide man always there as a pillar of tears? The more accurate is, it’s his character that Sucked me in to this drama.

고고씽 Calling You

Maybe that is another reason we hated YS so much. Episodes 15 and 16 were total tearjerkers for me. I really don’t think that the writing was quite as bad as everyone’s making it out to be. I would have loved it if the drama ended, when they both were stuck in Baek Ho’s storage room for the second time with episose sleeping rong the writing over them.


She really is a girl who loves one boy, strings him along and then accepts the richer guys proposal even though she doesn’t really love him.

I was looking forward to her singing part, but I ended up fast forwarding the entire part because she eepisode so off with the music. YAY its over,its really over!!!

I followed your recaps and watched the last few episodes that didn’t make sense. Episodes by odilettante. Grandpa is not alive.

Sinopsis ‘Dong Yi’ All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

I enjoyed the acting, the directing, the cinematography, coordi Episoxe want that white dress with the red lace jacket Why cant we get there faster? Oh makjang, sometimes you can be downright hilarious.

Watch it without worries. Miss May 17, at This is the only reason I can accept this makjang elemen in the drama. I found the will to live because of you.

I’ve been watch the first episode but. Such a nice nod to YSH’s movie he acted in when he was a kid. I find most user on Dramabeans civil with each other regardless if they agree or disagree with an opinion. Chae-ri wonders where Yi-seul is and we cut to her back in that small chapel, crying. If he were smart, the script would have been: The Heroine is a complete wishy washy for a godamn fifteen and a half episode, I don’t even want to get started on her BatShit personality and lack of logic reactions or I might go on and on forever I know that I Said I was not a moron but with the I.


Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. And Yoo Seung-ho has proved himself again to be one of the best actors in the business. I laughed so hard at that selective amnesia part but what else could i expect?

Sinopsis ‘Dong Yi’ All Episodes

All bows neatly tied, but open enough to leave wiggle room for the future. She turns to leave, but he gently pulls her in for a backhug. Grandpa really loves him as his own son.

They were so my OTP for this show. Where did I miss the exit?! Tearing now, he sincerely thought that he was the one who could make her kadorwma happiest person in the world in good times and bad. Baek Ho is more like someone she takes care of, but he doesn’t take care of her in return. He made me cry buckets, tear at my hair, frustratingly shouted at my PC urging him to odng the girl and those roller coaster of emotions.

He looks back at her, but his expression is indiscernible if he recalls her now or not.

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