Sooraj’s family celebrates his win in the semi finals. He gives her a gun and asks her to kill Sandhya. Sandhya’s trainer teaches sliding techniques to her battalion. Chhavi lies to Santosh that she had passed with high marks. Sooraj recalls Sandhya’s motivating speech and acts confident. Puru and his men reached there, so he has run away, take action against Puru please, its not any story, I m saying truth. Meenakshi expresses disbelief about Sooraj’s harsh behaviour.

Rajkumar tells them that his friend had given it to him for safekeeping. Santosh invites her friends to a feast at home and boasts to them about Sooraj’s win. Rajkumar decides to communicate his plans to his cohorts by delivering the pen drive in person instead of using the internet. He thanks Sandhya for tutoring him. Vikram beats Meenakshi for humiliating Santosh. He gets injured while escaping from them.

Sandhya questions Sooraj for sending her away. The Rathi family is shocked to learn the truth. Sandhya ignores Sooraj at the party. He enters the hospital room dressed as a doctor and wearing a mask.

Episode Santosh is anxious episkde Sooraj’s participation in the competition. She divides the candidates into squads. Chhavi lies to Santosh that she had passed with high marks.

He rebukes them for lying to Santosh. Puru tells Arzoo that she is in this state because of Sandhya. She then goes to meet Arzoo.


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Sandhya refuses to reveal where she had gone. Santosh scolds her for losing Chaturi’s phone number. Sandhya agrees to leave but she requests him not to tell Ankur about it. Contact us about this article. The two of them decide to spy on Rajkumar and gather evidence against him before reporting 19 the police.

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She signs that man. Sooraj goes to Santosh’s room to apologize to her but he finds the room empty. Sooraj thinks that the bus has started without Sandhya and panics.

She tells Sooraj that Chaturi is in danger. Sandhya prepares papads with the help of Chaturi, Bhabasa and Chotu. Chhavi retaliates by informing Santosh that Mohit had bought the laptop and blamed it on Sandhya.

Suhanya 16th Apr – The five contestants in the danger zone are instructed to prepare for the elimination round. The Police Inspector spisode a poster of Chaturi’s photo and address to canvass in the area.

To uphold the Ganghor puja custom, husbands and wives sleep separately at night. Sandhya auf Sooraj with her childhood stories while bandaging his toe. Chaturi and Chotu plead with Sooraj not to send her away. Rajkumar gifts him a watch. Sandhya finds out that he is a fraud and hands him over to a real policeman.


Santosh invites them to stay in her house. However, he mocks her and criticizes Ankur’s packaging. The judges criticize him for letting his feelings get in the way of the competition. Jeyam 16th Apr – 9: Santosh blesses Brandon after learning that he is an orphan. She goes to the shop to talk to him.

Episode 99 Santosh sarcastically taunts Sooraj and makes him realize that her changed behaviour is the result of him hiding things from her. Vikram is worried that Santosh will forgive and accept Sandhya at the end of the fifteen updafe test.

She criticizes him for being stingy even though he is going to be a father.

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