Posted September 19, I had a good laugh. Only after learning the truth that Kwai Yi Hei is the actual artist does he begin to develop strong feelings for her and begin using strong-arm tactics to extend the length of the renovation project in order to spend more time with her. As for Mandy, her on-screen partner isn’t Him, but rather with Oscar Leung instead. I am not sure about all the states though. Later, I learned that ‘Heung’ means dead. Ultimately, this causes pain and suffering for everyone and Sheung Ying Hung eventually learned by eavesdropping that she is not liked for her past decisions, including the fact that her daughter might have lived if she was not so elitist and so controlling over her decisions. It is not a situation drama or a situation comedy but a series about people.

Out of pride, Sheung Ying Hung refused to attend the couple’s marriage and ignored the couple until Ding Yum died. This is just another example of how cheap TVB is. I think Eliza Sam is really cute. TVB dramas in Mingpao, CSM by wacow Translated by: Koo Ming Wah and Mimi Choo were my fav actors. Specially in scenes where she pretends to be afraid and hide behind Him Law…it was bad I had to fast forward. The person I give credit to the most is the writer.

Prices in other currencies are shown for reference only. Except Mandy Wong and Him Law has zero chemistry. This is an yvb gain for her, she laughed: Both miss each other, but due to past misunderstandings relating to their separation, there is both love and anger on both sides.

Awards This film has won 1 award s dkstress received 4 award nomination s. In the end of the story, everything ends at a happy climax. I am not sure about all the states though. I personally like to work with seniors, otherwise there won’t be as many learning opportunities. He also doesn’t mind working with Tavia in the future, since she is experienced and someone he can learn from.

Divas in Distress – Episode 1 (Cantonese)

Also I find it not very romantic to have a guy to call the woman he loves a cockroach or a woman who obviously wants the man eposode pushing him away for the entire series which is repetitive and boring.


She is so timid, and I stress SO timid she stands behind the guy whenever she is afraid. I like how she argues with her daughter in English. While this is happening, Vincent takes the chance to try to win Kwai Yi Hei’s heart, but she remains distant.

YesAsia Editorial Description The producer of A Chip off the Old Block returns with another family comedy drama loved for its winning nostalgic spirit. I think TVB is capable of making a witty satire is they want to because the last episode is a clear indication of that.

Liza Wang fvb boring — she plays the divqs character over epizode over again, so cliched. After helping her win a trip to Japan in a lottery, he strong-arms his way to make sure he and Kwai Yi Hei will be on the same trip.

I totally disagree with you and Funn. Login or Register before you can reply to Bridget. Time had passed, but their rivalry continued even after getting married and having children. Chu MiMi is soo funny and she protrayed her character very well.

She expressed aside from work, the trip was a time to episods too. When he committed a crime, he convinced Kwai Yi Hei to take the fall and promised to marry her after she’s released; she believed in her boyfriend and heartedly agreed to take the fall. In between all that we see the troubled relationship between Vincent and his controlling overbearing mother. Love Chu Mimi in here! Important information about unsolicited emails. She also imagined Eliza in several enticing outfits to seduce Kar Distrress, such as in sailor and nurse costumes.

I thought her character was pretty easy to portray. Acting wise, like I said, improved a lot but in some confrontation scenes with Liza Wang, he seems out of league obviously but more to the point, out of beat. Login or Register before you can reply to Agnes. Posted August 29, Misc Performances The office people, the editor, etc. I feel he is one of the most underrated veteran in TVB.

Posted September 7, I love the joke on his wig as well.

Login or Register before you can reply to DC. Archived from the original on In the past, when I had financial difficulties, I was able to get some dubbing jobs. I have to thank all the aspects, such as the background English songs, the outcome was really good. See all large images 1. Because of Sheung Ying Hung’s disapproval of both relationships, this creates a rift in the pair’s own relationship.


She felt Yi Long San is not supportive and constantly puts her aside when necessary. Liza always has that similar type of character. Chu Mimi is from Malaysia by the way and her Malay divaw ok for generation her age.

Intentionally planned tbv be a sequel of TVB’s popular time traveling comedy, A Chip Off the Old BlockPoon Ka-tak decided to reboot the entire series after scheduling conflicts did not work out with the original cast.

Then she tried to sell Eliza’s long legs and back, seen in the bathroom nude scene. As for boys, they grow up through tripping and falling. By using 11 website, you accept and agree with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Login or Register before you can reply to JDub. However this performance alone, I am sure she has garnered herself a huge following of fans who will be eager to see what else she has to offer.

hyn5 @ 幸而城 Fortunate City: Clip from “Divas in Distress” Episode 14

How obvious they will end up ni Even the confession scene of Yi Hei and Vincent seems to me rather cold, detached whilst Ka Long and Hannah is a bit warmer with their cooperative action which makes them look rather cute but still seems like an inevitable end.

Him Law I look at him I feel stressed. Login or Register before you can reply to Hannahh. Can be re-cast of course but why change a winning combination? My current goal is to get the ‘Most Improved Actor Award’, allowing people to see I’m a promising actor. Lee Shing Cheung… haha.

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