However, to classify gialli as bare plotted is an inaccurate observation. May I suggest watching paint dry? Lyutak, facendo credere alla polizia che l’omicida della prima ragazza e quello delle due prostitute fossero la stessa persona. An electric warbling noise is used for a score instead of the main theme. A crazed and sadistic sex maniac is on the loose, despite the esteemed criminal psychologist and police consultant Dr Herbert Lyutak’s vain efforts to track him down. This scene has been excised from the American version. Renato Polselli under the pseudonym Ralph Brown directs with such competent gusto in a blatant attempt to explore the deeper psychosis of Hargitay and Calderoni.

So I bought 16mm war documentary footage and project it onto a wall in my cellar. Mickey Hargitay gives a strong lead performance and always convinces as the psychopathic doctor. It is unclear if the film was released theatrically, but it has been seen on Italian TV, missing most of its arousing sex scenes. Who is behind these new murders? The actors are committed to their roles. This in order to hide the obvious potboiler storyline: Polselli freely admits that World War 2 affected him during the German occupation of Italy. The outcome of this riddle is fairly logic and easy to predict, but Polselli nevertheless maintains an admirably high level of tension and involvement.

It’s a glorious mess, but Polselli keeps the action going, so it’s never really dull.

Lyutak, facendo credere alla polizia che l’omicida della prima ragazza e quello delle due prostitute fossero la stessa persona. Delirium certainly showed promise at the beginning, with a vicious murder scene calxo delivered both the requisite nudity and violence one expects from a 70s giallo.

However, I never worked with these people as producers paid me to direct my de,irio films. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! S versions, which are radically different. Rita Calderoni plays the wife. This is one of the most bonkers giallos I’ve seen – there were moments when I just didn’t know what was going on – but stick with it and it’s lots of fun.


Audible Download Audio Books. Every title on the site is region free so no matter where in the world you live you should have no problems playing any of our discs. Polselli has not made a new film for 20 years. Herbert Lyutak Rita Calderoni: This should give you a good indication of exactly what Delirium is all about, and if this is your thing, you will love it.

Delirio caldo (uncut)

Hargitay plays the role of Dr. So, I decided to make films that could ask questions and try to raise more dangerous topics. A fantastic and delirious giallo.

The film begins with sexual violence followed by murder and the identity of the killer is revealed right away. Throughout the movie, we see the wife crying because their marriage is less than perfect.

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Unfortunately for them, the husband faked his own death, and drives the new couple to madness. Warm delirium Wheatpenny 25 May As time passes he gets glimpses of the murder and informs the police of his visions. My advice to my fellow Giallo-fans: The editing from the dreams to reality is a bit confusing and at one point early in the film Herbert does beat and cut Marcia as a substitution for sex which selirio can’t perform with his wife.

I would like to make another film, though it all depends how I feel when I wake up in the morning. fiom


Delirium (Delirio Caldo) (1972) (HCF Rewind)

This version also features an extra killing and a different denouement. Cry of a Prostitute uncut. Connections Referenced in Paura: I watched the US version, then the interview, and then the European version of the film.

Granted, the American version opens and finishes with a completely goofy and irrelevant Vietnam-trauma sub plot illustrated through ancient recovered footage with Dutch subtitles! But every now and then somebody digs something out of the dungheap that makes you wonder how the hell they got the finance to put this on celluloid Furthermore, in the American version, Hungarian born Mickey Hargitay’s own voice is used he only spoke English, no Italianbut his accent is even thicker than Arnold Schwarzenegger in his early days which Hargitay humorously admits in an accompanying interviewso it’s very hard to understand what he’s saying.

Psychosexual madness from director Renato Polselli regarding a psychotic impotent psychiatrist and his equally nutty wife who obsessively loves him to the point that she allows him to nearly strangle her to death! Polselli believed that the soundtrack would be a variety of new material, but Titanus insisted that Pavone raid her back-catalogue of previous chart singles. Renato Polselli as Ralph Brown. Who wants to protect him? I remember one night I introduced Hargitay to the producer.

The American version adds two murders that were left on the cutting room floor of the European version, but they’re unimportant to the story.

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