I don’t know if I should be happy because I was not so disappointed with the minimum expectations or should be sad because I still managed to feel disappointments after I imagined the worst scenario possible. News Archive Sticky Schedule. Like really really bad. My current prediction is that Ash Greninja won’t leave the water sphere until Ash and Greninja get full control over the transformation. What happened to them anyway? Oshawott, along with Dawn’s Piplup and Clemont’s Chespin, serve both the marketability and comic relief portions.

Plus, it looked freaking awesome! Joined Nov 21, Messages 29 Reaction score The episode was a lot better once I actually understood what everyone was saying. Sanpei and his brothers are determined to free their chief, and they confront Kagetomo and his forces head on, with the help of Ash, Serena, and Clemont. Joined Aug 14, Messages 8, Reaction score 4, Don’t get me started on that. Pokemon Challenge was quite good. In fact, the multitude of battles was well done-except for the awkward moment in which everyone stopped to watch Frogadier’s evolution.

Disappointed that it learned Water Shruiken even though it matches the ninja them. This episode was an awesome one, but only because Frogadier evolved. I devisive, once defeated, they just say “sorry, lol, bye”? And it only functions to over-glorify Greninja evolution and the special form.

Utterly kirikkizan right at the beginning. As the gang fight off the evil ninjas, help soon starts to rise when Ash’s Frogadier acquires a mysterious new power. Joined Oct 30, Messages 4, Reaction score 1, Season 19 Episode 7.


Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? In the meantime, one of the villagers had found where Hanzo was being held captive. At Otori MountainHanzo is captive with Kagetomo and his ninja corp. The anime staff only evolve the Pokemon that are either not marketable at all, or are more marketable in an evolved form.

During the battle, Ash’s Frogadier evolves into an immensely powerful Greninja! Audible Download Audio Books. Despite Frogadier’s frubbles and Greninja’s Night SlashBisharp remains unfazed and proceeds to attack them with Snarl. And Hilbert is right about the whole plot is stupid and outlandish.


The action was great so no complains there. What a lot of people don’t seem to understand about Ash Greninja is that it is blatantly a very very rare phenomenon. Joined Jan 22, Messages 2, Reaction score 2, I guess they’re stating experience will trump most of the time?

Weekly Questions Thread 18 February Like I said before they were just there to eat up precious screen time. Joined Aug 28, Messages 4, Reaction score No trial, no justification. Nihei says to Saizo that they will handle things here while Saizo and Ippei go on.

“Pok√©mon” Decisive Battle in the Ninja Village! Gekogashira VS Kirikizan! (TV Episode ) – IMDb

However, Kagetomo is unfazed, and reveals that decisivs was all part of his plan. They care, first and foremost, about the young Japanese kids who are expected to watch this show and buy the Pokemon merchandise from affiliated companies. This episode did sure take a while to come out subbed englishI ended up watching it with Spanish subs.

This episode is just bad. So why blame Ash and his Greninja just because they are special and can have these kind of form changes.

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Like really really bad. Ash has had unevolved Pokemon of other types before, all of which are very marketable. Joined Jan 2, Messages 10, Reaction score 1, Totodile had a jolly personality, and most Pokemon like that are usually kept unevolved for comic relief.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to see Saizo since he lives there and everything, but I sure didn’t expect him to show gekogwshira out of nowhere like that to save Ash and Sanpei.

Greninja’s case was the latter. Was really dreading Satoshi just taking over and saving the world so nice to see that the main, main battle was actually Ippei’s Geckouga vs Manyula. Ash brings out his Pikachu and Gekkogashira while Sanpei brings out his Greninja. Froakie’s evolution, Monferno’s evolution, Tranquill’s evolution just to name a few that had very similar evolution to Frogadier.


My curiosity as far as it gets, the mystery behind the recent pseudo-mega Greninja had gone escalated. Use of this site constitutes acceptance gekogasbira our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. He explains to Ash and his friends that Kagetomo was xecisive powerful ninja from the Ninja Village who was to be the next village chief. Frogadier into Greninja is justified yes. Nihei as far as kitikizan know doesn’t even have a Greninja, so I’m not sure why he’d have a problem with it.

I felt that the building up for the battle, and how the battles were done all at once was well done. Clemont and Serena’s involvement is too bwttle and did not give any bonus points to the episode. Why haven’t anyone posted a review of this episode yet? After they leave, at the underground monument for the village hero, Nihei tells Hanzo, Ippei and Saizo about Ash’s Greninja’s mysterious transformation. Playerking Not-well known member. Please continue with more on-topic discussions here.

Why do you think Ash Greninja only appeared briefly to give everyone a taste of it, especially the Ninja Village people, but so that there can be a future trial storyline arc. Really pleased to see an episode where the village was self-sufficient enough to save itself.

I’m saying this because

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