Fri 8pm Fri 10pm. Well-traveled and semi educated, Dave appeals to the smart and silly sides of the audience. Against the odds of the current economic climate, Flappers offers a convivial, creative, party-like atmosphere — even while its very name wryly nods at the Great Depression of the past. Since Dave was a political comedian it seemed appropriate fro him to choose these shows. But it turned out to be a pretty good day after all since we had a very nice dinner planned with the owner of the Comedy club we work for, Bob had been asking us to dinner for a few weeks; in fact it got delayed the week before because we got sick, but tonight was finally the night. The Biggest Names in Comedy are just a text away! Over the last year, comedians have indeed responded to the availability of a new venue that offers hour-long sets. There was never a doubt in his mind that comedy would be his future.

After the interview we turned on our cell phone and once again it rang and guess who it was? I also asked them about selling the tape tom someone else and they said as long as we keep it 24 hours exclusive with NBC the rest was up to us. I dial the publicist one more time and encourage them to make calls for us that might have the potential to get Dave some good national television exposure. So we both agree to keep a calm cool head and move forward with caution. Despite the fact that Flappers has already built an audience as well as its own comedy community, the question remains: And we sat together and watched the tape. Tracey performs on college campus and comedy clubs across the country. Well anyway, after eight months of attorneys and negotiations, fights and stress, Dave finally sold his business, I mean finally, as in Check in hand.

Jan 27th Showtimes: Thu Jan 26th, 8: Fri 8pm Fri 10pm. My life seemed perfectly normal and busy as usual. The interview seemed to go quickly, at least quickly once we began. So I said, Ok show me the tape. So we wait another day.


Your email address will not be published. We walked into the house, and the phone rang yet again. All our thoughts and activities are centered on Dave selling this business. And I say gotta go.

We produce live comedy shows at the Ice House on a weekly basis and manage Comedians. Entertaining audiences with the ups and downs of her world Tracey Ashley comedy is hilarious, reimitz and all around fun to watch. They had asked us to wait a little while before starting the interview because there was a celebrity coming they told us.

It was a goodbye message addressed to me. We walked out to our car trying to gather our thoughts, and we drove home. Flappers Comedy Club Claremont Known for her seamless story-telling, sharp topical material and hilarious punchlines Tracey Ashley is a comedienne on the rise. As a Comedy Manager, I sometimes have the awful task of having to tell my clients that they are not always right for a particular part or a particular market.

Thank goodness we just acquired the new clean air vehicle decal stickers for 8.

Be A Fan On Facebook. It reinita pitch black out side and the phone rang; it was 4: We giggle and laugh and can hardly believe that all this has happened and that he is sitting right next to me and the dog at this very moment.

Then about 2pm Dave calls me at my office and asks me to come pick him up from our house and take him to Burbank. There was never a doubt in his mind that comedy would be his future. WE turned off our cell phone, oh what a relief to not have Carl calling constantly. Valentines Day Date Night.

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Follow Us On Twitter. Against the odds of the current economic climate, Flappers offers a convivial, creative, party-like atmosphere — even while its very name wryly nods at the Great Depression of the past. This reinotz a very difficult position to be in. To celebrate, we’re offering a special Flip For Flip promotion.


Dave Reinitz Closeup Side

Dave had spoken to the attorney on the other line and we all agreed dafe would give Inside Edition the Tape for No the comics are not going to Strip for geinitz, but we do encourage Renitz. A first for us. Jan 27th Showtimes: I went to the phone all groggy and squinty eyed. So a big fight ensues and neither of us talk to each other for cojedy rest of the evening.

My boyfriend of 10 years, live-in for 5, Dave Reinitz, was selling a restaurant recruiting business he had owned for the past eight years. So finally we give in to Carl and say that we will go ahead and do the Inside Edition interview, so suddenly of course the guy in the car who had been following us earlier, suddenly appeared, and voila we were following him to a building that was just across the street from NBC.

Of course after Dave had told me all the details about what actually happened with the plane, then he told me that there was something else.

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Like a modern day minimalist Robin Hood, Dave steels small things from big reinizt, not just to get even but to feel even. And what a couple of weeks it has been. Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Dave had no idea who she actually was.

Dave Reinitz This American Life.

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