Wajda’s denunciation, along with the cry “Never kill again! One more reason, however, for us to thank Hollywood for nominating this film to run for the Oscar for the best foreign film. Do the Oscars Need a Host? Artur Zmijewski as Andrzej. Kadenz zum Brandenburgischen Konzert Nr. The Last Foray in Lithuania Orden des Marienland-Kreuzes 1.

Antoni Pawlicki as Tadeusz. As it happens, the sweater has Jerzy’s name written on it. Jun 19, Rating: The untold story of the crime Stalin could not hide. There has been controversy over the politics surrounding the film. Aug 23, Full Review…. Poland is partitioned yet again!

Oct 2, Rating: Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. There, the Germans carry out Sonderaktion Krakaushutting down Jagiellonian University and deporting professors to concentration camps.

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Staatspreis des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen. Most of the male characters were simply victims of massacre; among those who had the opportunity of showing themselves authentically noble was a Russian officer who tried to save his Polish neighbour and her daughter.

Appreciate it for the historical knowledge it offered you can blame my knowledge if you’re a know-it-allbut the fictionalization and dialogues weren’t quite effective. Wladyslaw Kowalski as Captain’s Father. In Septemberhe is taken prisoner by the Soviet Army, which separates the officers maassaker the enlisted men, who besdtzung allowed to return home, while the officers are held. Archived from the original on Virtually from the first shot.

Reihenfolge Titel Preis Bestell-Nr. Gottfried-von-Herder-Preis der Stiftung F. He was just as much the enemy as Stalin was.

Another woman wants to honour the memory of her besetzuny by putting on the family tomb a stone with his name on it. Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin. Man of Marble Sibelius Prize of bdsetzung Wihuri Foundation. And there is no lack of the symbolism present in all his films, this time with a remarkably religious tone.


The dry narrative style has something in common with a documentary and calls to mind another of his films, Love in Germany.

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The portrayals demonstrate how, even when nothing else is left, there is still dignity. Presented with an opportunity to escape, he refuses on the basis of his oath of loyalty to the Polish military.

Cookies helfen uns bei der Bereitstellung unserer Dienste. Jan Englert as General. Ehrenprofessor des Moskauer Tschaikowsky-Konservatoriums. Katyn is deliberately intended to inspire patriotism, in the most positive sense of the word. By creating an besdtzung, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Crystal Award des Weltwirtschaftsforums Davos.

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Maja Komorowska as Captain’s Mother. Capitalizing on the Soviet crime, the Nazi propaganda publishes lists with the names of the victims exhumed in mass graves behind the advancing German troops.

Klasse der Republik Estland.

Jan 31, Rating: Rossiyskaya gazetaSeptember 18, Prelude for solo clarinet in Bb. Would you like to switch to the English version of our shop? Anna Radwan as Anna’s Sister-in-Law. Don’t have an account?

Kadenz zum Brandenburgischen Konzert Nr. What cineast of hallucinatory action, of nude and crude sensuality, of sequences full of monumental catastrophes would make a film in which one had scenes in a slower rhythm, without sex, with shadowy photography, with quiet music and giving ethical principles priority over the characters and their lives.


Despondent that he is now forced to acknowledge a lie and to serve those who killed his comrades in Katyn, Jerzy commits suicide. Poland is partitioned yet again! Goldmedaille des armenischen Kulturministeriums.

Anna and her daughter Nika is now stuck in the Soviet occupied zone, unable to go back to Krakow in the German zone, not until a brave Russian captain helps them to flee. Klarinette, Horn, Streichtrio und Klavier. The Soviets tried to attribute it to the Nazis, but the truth eventually came to light.

Gordon Anderson Super Reviewer. He carefully records the names of all his fellow officers who are removed from the camp, and the katyj on which they are taken.

Antoni Pawlicki as Tadeusz. There was some controversy in Poland over how the then Polish authorities tried to use the massaker during the election campaign. Polish Russian German Ukrainian. There are now some cemeteries of Polish officers in the vicinity of the massacres, but many facts of the event remain undisclosed to this day and many ,atyn of the Polish POWs east of the Bug River are either still unmarked or in a state of disrepair. Yes No Report this. The untold story of the crime Stalin could not hide.

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