Shooting cast bullets from ssr By hhagan in forum The Reloading Bench. I also shoot a 9mm that I shoot grain Hard cast bullets. Results 1 to 8 of 8. I would like to try making the highest suggested load of 4. I still have a few thousand of them left! Hi Bruce, I finally got to shoot the cast bullets I made without a roll crimp, I just used a taper crimp just above the cannelure groove, I made it as tight as I would a 9mm or 45ACP cast bullet taper crimp.

I would not want to sit there and knock off of them. Mr Duck – Very sorry to hear of your family woes. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Posting Rules You may not post new threads. Find all posts by yeti. After, checked for lead shavings on case neck none found. Even better would be Spring right NOW.

So when I make a large purchase of both I can run off of the hard cast and I will probably buy the 3, of the Montana cold and make all of them at one time. Last edited by BruceM; at Sincerest wishes for a speedy recovery. There is no magnification, it is just a 4MOA dot that you can adjust the strength of the dot, it also has a polarized filter to take away the glare of the sun shine on the target.

Or is this your standard target load? Your guys are welcome just darfas us informed with the pros and cons of your experience with these.


Dardas Bullets officially closed: – Forum

I will miss Matt, his advice regarding loading his bullets, and his bullets. For someone that wants to push a hard cast bullet at FPS dzta for it. Last edited by drail; darras I was shooting from a bench wrest to take as much error out of the test as I could. I’m more interested in loads that will shoot under 2″ at 25 meters going 1, fps. In your case, you’ve got what essentially amounts to wadcutter.

Darras spent way more time ensuring the bullets were straight before seating. I want to make a change over to 9mm and 45ACP. Saying that my mate uses. I have H and Hornady plated bullets with Small pistal magnum primers that I can load up to magnum loads that shoot very well.

He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. Originally Posted by flechero Hoping Dardas shut down by choice, not because business was poor.

dardas cast bullets

I will miss Matt, his bullets, and his knowledge. Most of us certainly do.

They are not magnum loads at fps. Find all posts by scubadad. User Name Remember Me?

I have a question about loading hard cast bullets for a /38 special.

The LEE FCD in straight walled pistol cartridges in a work around for a problem which should not exist if everything was correct in the beginning. Please login or register. Find all posts by snakebill. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. I would like to shoot two weeks ahead and and then shoot a round with the revolver.


Missouri Cast Bullets will do custom sizing,I spoke with them on the phone,but you’ve got to order at least bullets to bullets your size.

.38 special loads using unique and 125 grain cast bullets

I’m assuming the bullets you use, be they jacketed or hard cast, have a cannelure jacketed or crimp groove hard cast. By continuing to use this site, you certify that you have read and agree to abide by the Legal Terms of Use.

Running a bullet casting business is very hard dirty work and the health risks are pretty serious. Did you miss your activation email? I have been too busy so far to organize my shooting data lately but that hopefully changes in May.

Although the heavy roll crimp is the last line of defense in keeping the bullets from “jumping the crimp”, not the first-both the neck tension bullet pull and crimp are necessary.

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