In the dark it seems yellow, in bright light it’s lime green. I like most people out there had never heard of Damasko before finding this site and managed to get a new DA36 from Eddie after reading this review. ETA automatic 28, bph Crystal: I urge you to be open minded and take a closer look. Resting on top of the dial is a flat sapphire crystal with AR coating on both sides. The watch in the photos used in this review has been in almost daily use for almost 9 months and it looks like new.

Originally Posted by whoa. The pilot hands are equally as bold, with the hours hand hovering right above the hour markers and the minutes hand hitting the minutes track. The Arabic numerals are highly legible, a bright and vibrant white against a matte black base. This surely helped convince me just a bit more! My concern with the DA was the complaint people have about it being too busy with the indices on the rehaut. Resting on top of the dial is a flat sapphire crystal with AR coating on both sides.

Where to start with this watch?

The Sinn I like the simplicity of the Sinn, there is nothing on the dial that doesn’t serve a purpose which I find appealing but also a little damas,o. It is, hands down, one of the best crowns on the dxmasko. Here’s some pics of my watch so you’ll hopefully see what I’ve been raving about. The fit is astonishing, the tolerances are crazy tight. The lume is perhaps the only major low point on the DA This may very well explain his love for German and military-inspired watches.

I could immediately tell what’s so special about Damasko. We can’t stop here, this is bat country.


In my mind, it is geview iconic Damasko look. While I concede the author makes some points I still think owner-reviews in this sort of venue are inappropriate.

Eventually, around a year ago, I posted here asking what others think of Damasko: The caseback adds to the precision instrument look – the writing is deep and to the point. D Super photos Gary. The date is also well resolved on the dial and the cross hairs framing it is a nice touch.

Ben – I did feel a smidgen of guilt as I was typing the review, knowing your plight but I know you’ll get one soon ish. Thanks for commenting Colin, that certainly might be true in other industries, but I think with watches, ownership sheds a different and important light on the object. I’ve seen a few examples of these watches that have been worn everyday, for 6 months or more, and don’t have a scratch on them.

Damasko DA36 review

It is highly wattch against scratches, and believe me, there have been many opportunities for me to put some on. I like them quite a bit, but alas, I’m not rollin in the dough like a university professor! John – I’m not really that “fussed-up about the day-date positioning”, just trying to be as honest as possible. Damasko holds numerous patents on everything from their in-house movements and crown design to the very steel used to make their cases.

IliyanSteamJ and Fullers like this. I stumbled upon one of these on Instagram recently, sans Damest coating, and what really caught my eye was the finish of the steel.

I simply can not recommend it highly enough. I am still interested in a mini-GTG, if you have time once my semester winds up, we should grab some beer will PM you when I wathc some free time. I aatch go into datch much detail about the technologies used by Damasko, from the super hard case which is not just surface hardened like pretty much every other hardened watch out thereto the tech used in the crown and gaskets, and the fact that it is quite resistant to magnetism.


Originally Posted by ben4watches. Just a simple bit of colour brings the whole reiew to life, especially when compared to the Sinn, which suddenly looks very drab in comparison. But, and it’s a big but, is it a bit too funky for it’s own good? The time now is I think it would look better if they were in line with the 3 and the cross hair framed them but then I’ve no idea where you would put the Damasko logo.

They all essentially do the same thing, save a complication here and there, but range widely in style, price and feel. The contrast allows the watch head to pop. Aurelos Zephyr 5 Jan, But what do you get besides the design and name, compared to Damasko.?

Damasko DA38 hands-on review

I think I will order the da36 on bracelet when I get the money. It is also exceptionally clear; at times it looks like there is no crystal at all. Watchuseek recommends Chrono24the largest watch marketplace on the Internet.

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