Dont be angry to Hanan. This is due if the student search the information in internet,they will find most of the informations are influenced by USA,Israel propaganda. Perang diantara agama mahupun perang sesama agama. Saya cuma bayangkan bandingan alasan yg pihak penganjur sekatan kedua negara ini beri menghalalkan pendirian mrk. To demilitarize nation for the sake of mankind, every nation will agree but yet again most nation will sharpen their knives behind their backyard. Hanan seemed opposed to the idea of criminalizing war. My parting shot, Dearest Tun!

Would you just pack your bags and leave???? Dear Tun, As a human being, i am sad and totally against any wars in this world. Kiriman berupa jawapan pada pengulas sebagai penjelasan lanjut bukan menuduh. Although Jerusalem is also the sacred city of the Muslims yet Jerusalem is the only sacred city of the Jews. Weak Arabs attack Israel organisation and countries attack poor little Israel. Log in to Reply Dz Nov 10, 1: Tenter US ketawa sesama sendiri melihat jet perjuang US mengebom umat Islam yang lari bertempiaran dan ketakutan.

They want Selangor in chaos. So…more wars, more conferences. Log in to Reply Mat Hero Nov 8, 5: Log in to Reply adik adik Nov 9, 8: This is sure a recipe for communal strife. Salam Tun yang dihormati, di harap dapat diberi izin…: Log in to Reply ezani Nov 5, 1: Those Gaza Convoy were blocked by Egypt not Israel but media here made it look like it was by israel. Can they flee anywhere else? My opinion indicates it is possible as looking through the history of world economic trends as compared to the event of wars.


I am from Kedah just same like you.

If you say that just because the word is not in the bible but in the quran, therefore only muslim can use it. Shame on the Israel Regime. Log in to Reply tunnusantara Nov 17, 5: The much lauded freedom of exprassion allows me to say what I need to say whether it is accepted and well recieved or not is irrelevant.

Dahsuat ke ada yang kena tangkap bila berceramah adhsyat disurau. War may solve problems but creates other problems, even greater problems. You are absolutely correct on your efforts to invite world population to consider war as a crime.

We are all the same. So it not really free after all.

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It is the new and young generation that suffers the most. Salam to all, Dengan izin Tun…. Human rights were unknown before but now the world accepts that every man or woman has a right to be treated well.

Tun,kenapa komen-komen biadab yg mencerca zaman pemerintahan Tun turut disiarkan? They want chaos in Selangor. Yes, OIL makes money and only causes the Arabs to become weak, indirectly breaking their unity. It is imperative to enforce ISA. Making a school analogy, assume that in the class of 30 pupils, 4 who are weak and disturbing the whole class from learning.

Conventional weapons have also increased in power. There are many in this race who hide their NEP wealth overseas. How many politicians actually will listen to the voters. Most Malaysian are happy in the spirit of Muhhibah.


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Tun, I put myself in the pain of those whose minds and msnusia have been destroyed by wars, and yes I feel hate, hate to those who so love war. But that will only expose and confirm their double standards.

We cannot be better Muslims if, as Tun Dr M has said, we could not care when thousands of our Palestian children and mothers are killed and suffer the utmost sufferings but instead choose to care about one Chinese national?

Fikirlah, hanya sebab jika mamusia zahirkan ketidakpuashati kamu di jalanan, manksia kamu sudah yakin yang sebahagian besar yang lain juga setuju dengan kamu? Cakap apa nak kita balaskan penduduk Taif ini. Nothing were ever cast here, not a even single stone.

First and foremost I would like to say thank you for initiating this movement. But of course, you are bias to the bones too.

How long do you think you people can rattle on with your monstrous lies? But they, the Europeans, had thought of exploiting the concept of Jihad even then The Iran- Iraq war which was prolonged for 8 years to was a big bonuses.

I can only pity them, and does not say anything if other people want to help. Perhaps North Korea should take a preemtive maunsia against US.

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