Customers who bought this item also bought. Flawed, but eye-catching, western Poseidon-3 18 April Brigitte Bardot doesn’t have much to do other than stand around and look ravishing, which of course she does with ease. The return of a star-studded dramedy , a space epic , and the Michael Jackson doc that shocked Sundance are our picks of the week. I am not aware of other movies in which Indians are fighting not white American settlers but aristocratic Europeans. While the story is fairly engaging, the action scenes are good, Sean Connery is in great form, and Brigitte Bardot is as beautiful as ever, it is filled with traditional stereotypes of “Paleface good and Redskin bad” that I did not appreciate.

Of course the Apaches won’t be. Moses Zebulon ‘Shalako’ Carlin: The characters are so shallow and bigoted that the viewer can hardly wait to see them get their comeuppance and most of them do The Louis L’Amour Collection. Otherwise, Stephen Boyd and Honor Blackman are the only enjoyable characters in this film. Connery, as the title character, plays a well-known loner in the area who has a tenuous relationship with the Apaches and finds himself having to try to rescue the hunters. View All Critic Reviews 5. I’m looking for a good copy of Magnificent Madness with Joanne Woodward..

But he never once convinces in this time period and desperately tries to plug into the socket for some sparks in the “sign posted a mile away” love interest with Bardot. Log in vritique Facebook.

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That being said I’m sure none of them were as dense as Peter Van Eyck who when warned critiquf Indian danger, refuse to leave an area. Despite the romance that develops between their characters, there is no chemistry between her and Connery and shalakko performance is emotionless and wooden.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Actually, it crittique, once they find out there are hostile Apaches, the more they want to stay.

Connery’s tremendous talent was wasted here. It’s not always easy to determine the motivations of the characters. The Sunday Times Digital Archive. This movie is a mix between “Duel at Diablo” and “Last of the Mohicans.


Edward Dmytryk seems to have attempted to recapture the freshness and essence of the ‘B. What neither she nor her companions realize is murderous Apaches are on the prowl.

The slaughter of guard dogs is incredibly sadistic considering the method the Native Americans use.

Influential Arab diplomat becomes the target of numerous assassination attempts, when he announces his plan to make peace with Israel by letting them join the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC. Villains appear on both sides in “Shalako” and provide suitable obstacles for our heroes.

A bunch of European toffs on a hunting trip arrogantly wander into an Indian reservation and after being warned to leave by former army scout Shalako decide to ignore his expert advice which leads to some nasty consequences.

Don ‘Red’ Barry as Buffalo. A pompous group of European nobles on a hunting vacation in New Mexico are beset by a band of Apaches who don’t appreciate them trespassing on their lands.

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The excellent supporting cast includes the likes of Jack Hawkins, Eric Sykes! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

The editing is, at times, striking and effective, but other times it is weak and harms some of the dramatic impact of the story. He’s an US scout cowboy who intervenes to save European aristocrats on a hunting journey in New Mexico when they are attacked by Apaches circa A group of arrogant European hunters takes to the North American West to pursue game. However, as a final note, don’t expect much from the ending, which as one might expect involves a face-off with the Indians.

Stephen Boyd as Bosky Fulton.

This is one of those glossy European flicks, of which there were quite a few made back in the s and s, and most of which never quite clicked here. The investors perhaps remembered Gregory Peck ‘s moustache in The Gunfighterwhich was believed to have discouraged some of the public from fiom.


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Shalako returns to the stranded hunting party, which is re-equipped with weapons and supplies he had previously advised them to hide in reserve. What was also weird were the s hair styles many sported–particularly Bardot with her VERY distinctive doo. Sean Connery is Shalako! CinderellaWoman 19 June Blackman is excellent in this partthe only really challenging role in the production.

You know I am not married Countess Irina Lazaar: There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Plenty of Westerners would have been born in all parts of the British Isles, including Scotland, so his accent should not have been a problem.

You won’t find this in “Shalako”, in fact the final 20 minutes are so listless your mind begins mulling over the plot holes. As they try to return to her hunting party, they are stopped by Apache’s with death in their eyes.

Edward Dmytryk directs with uncharacteristic flair as the Indians close in to remove the “arrogant white men and women ” from their land. Mostly European actors – strange for a Western – but not unrealistic to the times. She is a striking figure on the range, even if her HEAVY eye make-up has nothing to do with the time or place.

It was more fun though to see the length of Bardot’s hair vary from scene to scene and be amazed at how heavy and PERFECT her eyemake-up always remained. Shalako considers the Europeans “stone, dumb, useless trouble,” but he feels Irina is “too beautiful to die.

AttyTude0 12 August Former James Bond actor Sean Connery and sexy French bombshell Brigitte Bardot co-starred in this handsomely produced and elegantly lensed horse opera.

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