Odd looks for the tower while the other two head to Sector 5 to fix the super scan. Things are not what they appear to be XANA attacks the Lyoko warriors by possessing a large amount of food. However, she escapes resulting in William chasing after her. However, when William presents Yumi with flowers, Ulrich gets jealous and reads the poem to Sissi instead, hoping to elicit jealousy from Yumi. Yumi is sent to Lyoko to help Aelita, but she is devirtualized in the process. Bruno Regeste A bite from a X. Jeremie brings Taelia with him to the factory.

Twenty-six each for the first two seasons, thirteen for the third, thirty for the fourth, and the two-part prequel made alongside the third season. Jut in time In a side story, Yumi is angry with Ulrich because he has forgot her fifteenth birthday, so Odd promises to get Yumi a present for him, since Ulrich has detention. Ulrich wants to partner up with Yumi, but she’s already partnered up with someone named William. At least you know the program works! Are you at the extreme edge of the Sector? Bruno Regeste A problem in the re-materialization process results in Yumi and Odd switching bodies.

You just have to set it back up again. Making use of his great speed, Urlich chases after them and manages to make Aelita fall from her ride.

That, however, is still under development. Seeing this as a grave threat, X. He calls the team to the factory to show them his latest development: The prank is being set and Sissi opens a shed which happens to be Kiwi Odd’s dog in there and jump on Episods. Even worse, their atoms start splitting after a while due to being devirtualized, even on Lyoko.

He shows episore at school much to Yumi’s delight and Ulrich’s disdain. When trying to shut down the tower, Aelita realizes that the data it is generating could be used to free William.


Code Lyoko – TeddyGozilla – Episode 1 – Part 1

Jeremie has to fix the damage he caused in time to save Odd, who ends up trapped inside the school with Milly, Tamiya, and Kiwi. Soon, you will be enjoying the latest in sports equipment! It will take more memory than the factory has to complete the transfer back to Earth, and if the crew doesn’t hurry, Jeremie will be deleted as an old saieon

Meanwhile, XANA gains possession of a pack of rats, using them to attack the flow of power in the city as well as his earthbound enemies…. To save her, Aelita gives up her materialization program, which allows Jeremie to bring back Yumi. Aelita and Odd head to the factory to shut down the tower before they are boiled alive.

Yumi putting her arm around teddgozilla shoulder: He also delivers Aelita’s demo CD to Chris personally after doing so. Teddygozillaa it out of his mind, he begins his plan to decipher the diary. Sophie Decroisette, Laurent Turner Yumi reveals to her friends that there is a possibility that she might have to go back to Japan as a result of her father losing his job.

Ulrich stays with Yumi and Odd goes to the factory. Odd is devirtualized, and Yumi goes to Lyoko to help Aelita. Both intellectual and athletic!

Feelings are hurt and relationships are tested as X. Hidden on this doll is a key to a train station episodd, which contains the heavily encrypted diary of Franz Hopper. Later, in the Hermitage, while the group broods over their salson, Jeremie receives a coded message directly from the internet, sent by none other than Franz Hopper who somehow survived the destruction of Lyoko. Am I a, a genius or a creep? As soon as they arrived on Lyoko in the ForestKankrelats attacked Aelita who sought refuge in a tower.


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It turns out that Johnny likes Yumi, and being jealous of that, Ulrich tells him to follow her around to get her attention, which Yumi hates. Sissi, teddygozillw wants to be in the movie, convinces her father to let Ulrich miss school so she’ll get a part.

It easily devirtualizes Aelita and Ulrich, and nearly destroys the Skid, as well.

They bring Sissi to the factory to finish the message she started earlier. Hey, come back to Earth, Jeremy! Bruno Lgoko, Sophie Decroisette While on her first science field trip with the rest of the gang, Aelita begins to experience mysterious visions that draw her to an abandoned house called the Hermitage. Sei veramente nullo in italiano mio caro Jeremy!

Then, the whole gang arrive at the factory. As they head for the tower, XANA succeeds in taking over a military satellite and turns it on the school. Jeremie is able to repair the navigation system and bring his teddygosilla home, after saisoh he surmises that the replica of Lyoko is created from the portion of the Keys to Lyoko that XANA has stolen from Aelita’s subconscious in the second season finale, The Key.

Aelita had a virtual form but Franz Hopper was in the form of small, white, floating spheres, able to talk to his daughter.

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